Blogger Confessions….

My sponsor says the 1st step is admitting that you have a problem. My sponsor also says the Yankees will not see the post season action this year. F**K my sponsor!

Seriously though, I do have an anxiety problem.
You know that massive labyrinth of interstate that connects North to West, South to East, West to South, North by Northwest (great movie), East to North? The one with the killer overpasses that jut out at no less than a 60 degree angle? The one that takes 18 wheelers up about 600 feet bringing them down on a straight away that challenges both their braking system and patience as little esuvees cut them off seconds before speed limit traffic merges in on them in their blind spot?
That’s what I know it as … y’all may know it as Spaghetti Junction.

Anywhoo, this weekend I was traveling from the Northlake area back to my domicile in Unincorporated VaHi (hee hee). I hopped on 285 E/W/N/S (I’m not sure which direction it is right there -it is constantly changing) headed to 85 South. What didn’t immediately register was the ramp to 85 is…evil!

That ramp is what had me avoiding the interstates/highways at all costs! Not just the Junction, but I-20, 75/85, 675, 78, 400 – if I couldn’t get there traffic light by traffic light, I wanted NO part of wherever there was, ya feel me?

Now I’ve been able to talk myself into taking the ramp from 85 North to 285 towards the Dunwoodys, ONCE. The vibration from the 18 wheeler breathing down my neck now has me exiting Pleasantdale, making a left taking that to Buford Highway and catching 285 there. Reedamndiculous, isn’t it?

To my credit, I’ve recently realized that all i-states/highways are not created equal. So I have forced myself to travel via the express route whenever possible, I even pay the toll at 400!

I, however, avoid at all costs…the Junction. Sitting here thinking about driving it (even being a passenger on it scares me) my palms and FINGERTIPS are sweating (whose fingertips sweat? ewww). But with the gas prices being what they are these days, this is just not economically feasible for me anymore. Add to the fact that I’m considering real estate up that way, I can’t afford NOT to go up yonder.

So I need help, some would argue professional, getting over it. Do any of my fellow Atlantans have any tips or tricks for handling DTJWA (Driving the Junction while anxious)?

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  1. Moise (unregistered) on August 16th, 2005 @ 12:47 am

    Just close your eyes..

    Seriously, maybe try being the passenger a few times with a trusted driver. I’ve been over The Junction so many times that I don’t even think about it being dangerous. It would be better to freak out as a passenger than it would be as a driver. Once you get comfortable going over it (or at least stop freaking out), then maybe you’ll feel more comfortable driving over it?

    Good luck, Kendall!

  2. Margaret (unregistered) on August 16th, 2005 @ 9:19 pm

    I live just past Northlake. When approaching the Junction simply remember that you are an Atlanta driver and have survived much worse. Attempt to take the ramps at the suggested speeds (a laugh, I know) but still it helps to slow down, and the drivers behind you have no choice but to follow your example.

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