Another Bright Idea by the GDOT?

So, I’m driving down GA400 South – minding my own business singing about how this sh*t really IS bananas, fast approaching I-85 South.

Heading down GA400 South, there are two lanes from 400 that merge into one just as you reach 85 South. From there, you merge onto 85 South. Ordinarily, there would be a painted diagonally lined divider with those “wakethef*ckupbumpers” like this. The lines continued down the highway about 50 yards or so, separating the 3 lanes of traffic.

But as of right now, Tuesday, August 2nd, 6:55 pm – those lines are gone. We are left with the 400 South lanes merging on the right, at the same time that the 85 South lanes are merging on the left.

Here’s a pic from the GDOT camera that shows the obvious re-paving.


I thought they would have learned their lesson.

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  1. Cap'n Ken (unregistered) on August 3rd, 2005 @ 9:45 am

    Interesting. Good catch.

    The thing about that southbound merge (which has never, ever, ever worked right) is that in order for traffic to really merge efficiently, the system relies on the majority of drivers coming from 400 jumping over the no-man’s-land when there’s a break in 85 traffic. Otherwise, there would just be a huge stack of cars all trying to merge in the official merge area at the end of the ramp.

    Having not seen exactly what they’ve done (I try very hard to not venture north of the Brookwood Interchange), it’s hard to say if this is an actual improvement or another DOT clusterf*ck in the making.

    But they seem determined to keep messing with 400. I wonder if that’s because they’ve got all this extra toll-booth cash (traffic and revenue estimates are WAAAAY ahead of projections, and they have to spend the money if they want to keep the toll).

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