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Perdue brings out the big guns

It seems that things with the Gas pricing situation escalated a bit. By 6 pm Perdue was making a new press statement and declaring a state of emergency. State of Emergency? …that’s the stuff movies are made of!! The article goes on to say:

“…retailers who violate the law could be hit with a fine of up to $5,000 for each person they overcharge and up to $15,000 if the victim is a senior citizen.”

“I want it stopped, and I want it stopped now”

Apparently this was also done during Hurricane Ivan to prevent Hotels/Motels from price gouging. Will it work? The article also states that they can track this by the receipts logged at the Gas terminals. Maybe now people will calm down? …. and Gas stations will think twice about gouging.

Of course my favorite part of this article was where “Perdue encouraged companies to allow more employees to tele-work this week.” I hope my boss is reading this… :-)

Did You Hear That? It Was the Plug Bell.

It’s the story of a local girl made good and hitting the glossy pages. She’s one of our own, realizing a dream born out of love. I share with you here because it’s the closest I can get to shouting it from a rooftop without being arrested for disturbing the peace.

Atlanta’s very own Dejie Johnson will be in People magazine on September 19th

Authors note: This is a gratuitous regurgitation of a post from my own personal site today. Saying so should make a blatant statement that eliminates the need for a disclaimer. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

RE: Helping out New Orleans

Building on Steve’s post, it’s worth noting that Park Tavern is having a Katrina Relief Fundraiser and their Whiskeyfest this weekend (previously mentioned by Maigh). You’ll be able to give blood there also.

Gov. Perdue says fuel pipeline will be open by weekend

Good news.

From the Atlanta Business Chronicle, at 4:15 P.M. today

from the article: Metro gas prices surge; Gov. Perdue addresses the issue

At a press conference this afternoon, Gov. Sonny Perdue said the fuel shortage facing Georgians is a short-term problem. He also reported Alpharetta-based Colonial Pipeline, the largest pipeline distributing fuel into Georgia, expects to be operational again by Labor Day weekend.

read the article here.

Donors Have Several Options to Contribute

Just one more way to contribute to the hurricane relief effort was mentioned on the WSB TV News Cast tonight. Channel 2, WSB-TV and the WSB Radio Group have combined with the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army to help the growing number of victims left in need from Hurricane Katrina both here in Georgia and on the Gulf Coast.

You can call in to donate. Callers can choose to donate their money to Georgia victims or to those outside of Georgia, as well as name the relief agency of their choice. To make a financial contribution, viewers can call toll free 888-750-2772 during the phone bank hours, 4 p.m. – Midnight.

Of course, there is always,

Braves in fifth place?

No, this entry has nothing to do with the NL East-leading Atlanta Braves. Well, not directly.

I really wanted to comment about Sports Illustrated’s recently-released Fan Value Index. Of 30 MLB teams, the Atlanta Braves and Turner Field rank #5.

Full list of rankings are here, but I’m actually a little stunned that we’re as high as fifth considering these choice quotes:

The fans are famously flaky, a spoiled byproduct of too much winning. The most riled they get is when they unleash the PC-horrific Tomahawk Chop. A huge new HD scoreboard in center is distracting, but, all in all, Turner Field is a pleasant scoop of vanilla: Nice and clean, if not particularly exciting.

We got 44 points out of a possible 70 and we still got fifth place. Winning records, well-marked and plentiful restrooms, and good ticket prices helped us out. Our low point: a 2 out of 10 for the neighborhood surrounding the stadium.

What do you think? If/when you attend Braves games, do you feel like you get your money’s worth?

I do have gas…

Today it took me half an hour to get home. Not bad. At my exit…. it took me half an hour to get gas!!! CRAZY. I would have not stopped for gas, but was running low. The media scare on gas is showing lines all over Atlanta. The AJC just posted: “Gas getting even costlier; lines reported” Sure, I am glad that I am not paying $3+ yet…. but it does seem like it is just around the corner. They also mention the Atlanta Gas Prices website. Which will most likely start seeing a lot more traffic than normal.


After reading yesterdays Adisheh’s post about GAS Shortage I talked to a friend over at Colonial Pipeline Company. But there was no fear in his voice. “Plenty of reserves” … “We should be running in a few days”

Tick Tock Tick Tock…. and the people are already starting to freak a little… While waiting for gas… there were two different verbal fights about cutting in line.

Hope they do get the lines back up soon…. Anyone else seen any Gas craziness?

Freaks Have More Fun

Plans for this Labor Day weekend may actually be confusing for some Atlanteans this year with so much going on around town. But if you ask me, the place to be is Dragon Con, the biggest freak fest anyone could ever dream of. Itís the one place that Trekkies and Storm Troopers can convene in harmony, along with hobbits and elves.

On Saturday morning at 10AM, forget about breakfast and get over to the Atlanta Mariott Marquis for the Dragon Con parade. Yes ñ this is your one chance to see Storm Troopers marching down Peachtree St.! Then you can head back over to the hotel to hang out with ìBuffy the Vampire Slayerî creator Joss Whedon or the cast of ìSerenity.î Although heading to this convention will set you back up to 85 bucks, I think itís worth it to see all the sprites, dwarves, aliens and space warriors. Besides, you might land a chance to be in a Dragon Con commercial!

Stone Mountain

Yesterday I was working in Lithonia and drove near Stone Mountain and realized that in my 4 years living in Atlanta Iíve never been there before. Am I the only one? Is Stone Mountain entertaining for a young woman like myself, and is it one of those places you ëmustí visit if you live in Atlanta?

My interest is sparked because a girlfriend of mine invited me to the last laser show of the summer this past weekend. Hhmm it sounded a little yee-haw to my refined tastes. I didnít go, but am still a little curious of what exactly one does at Stone Mountain. Any opinions?

Christmas in August

While driving to work this morning I spotted a Santa Atlanta truck. There was a picture of Santa with a couple of giant Care Bears on the back. Santa was holding an Elmo on the side. I never knew Santa hung out with giant Care Bears (which were a little creepy) and Sesame Street characters but then again I never graduated from The International University of Santa Claus. So if you want “an indescribably heart-melting experience” from a “Direct Descendants of Santa Claus himself” for your kegger give them a call.

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