ìMcFruadî or ìMSLicenseî

There are some things that never really seem to go together well. For example, chocolate and hot sauceÖ. or drinking and arc weldingÖ :-) How about this one: Franchise and Fraudulent Documents


Back in my early days at Tech (very early)Ö I remember searching Ö wondering the streets in need of some form of identification that would allow me to drink freely in the bars without fear of incarceration. My friends and I had to do a lot of searching before we were able to find the ìDocumentî place at Buford highway flea market. Granted this was over a decade ago (I feel old)Ö.. and I never got up the nerve to buy one (legal disclosure)Ö.But I cant help but think that if only there had been some friendly franchise that specialized in supplying ìfakeî IDs. Maybe even with a drive throughÖ.

Well this morning there was an article in The Washington Times that talked about such franchises that are being closed down. One of these was here in Atlanta!! For a mere $15K a month, you could have been a franchise! You would have use of their 20+ digital printing labs.

ìÖfranchise operation that sold bogus but “high quality” Social Security documents, resident alien and Mexican matricula consular ID cards, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, marriage licenses, work authorization documents, proof of vehicle insurance cards, temporary vehicle registration documents, and utility bills from both Mexico and the United StatesÖî

Documents cost ranged from $80 to $300 and millions have been soldÖ

Apparently these franchises had been running for yearsÖ How could this have gone on so long without being detected? Öand better yetÖ why didnít I know about it?

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