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The following message appeared yesterday on Art News mailing list:


This coming Saturday is the day at 7 AM.

We will meet on the other side of the hill from Moreland off Druid. Steve Williams will be the photoghrapher.

Whoever wants to see the sight beforehand come at &7 PM Thursaday evening to the same spot. We will also meet at 12 noon on Wednesday with Patton to plan a little. This will be mostly improv but some planning is always good.

There are no pieces of sculpture in the park using the human figure – reason due to shyness, fesr, art school, I don’t know – so we will be it. This can also be considered a political statement as nudity seems to be anathema to all political parties. Forget what your parents told you and join the horde. This will also be the first time in history that a naked performance will be sponsored by the City of Atlanta Cultural Affairs department through the Art In Freedom Park project. It’s also very easy to do. Bring your friends. The more people the more meaningful.

This event will be covered by CL and hopefully the AJC, if they can get their act together. See for pictures of previous years. New York has Spencer Tunick and we have ourselves!

Steve Seaberg

Leave it to a “conceptual artist” to make nudity seem simultaneously boring and pompous.

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  1. kendall (unregistered) on July 25th, 2005 @ 7:48 pm

    This FURTHER supports the idea that the only naked people we see in public are the very ones we don’t wanna see naked in public.

  2. Lori (unregistered) on July 25th, 2005 @ 8:17 pm

    So I’m going to be the only girl that shaves? Blah.

  3. Cyanbane (unregistered) on July 26th, 2005 @ 12:56 pm

    I agree, atleast make it a little more dramatic. Hasn’t this been done fairly well already?

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