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We’re 31!

Congratulations, fellow Atlantans.

The city’s climate, your glands, and the efforts of a PR firm trying to justify its outrageous monthly fee have combined to make Atlanta #31 on Old Spice’s fourth annual “Top 100 Sweatiest Cities List.”

AT&T brings WiMAX to Atlanta

Om Malik is reporting that AT&T will be widening their trial of WiMAX technology to the Atlanta area this fall. The technology, which provides dates rates higher than 50 Mbps and is often mentioned as a wireless DSL technology, is currently being tested in New Jersey. Wireless Week has more details. Bellsouth will be testing the same technology here in Atlanta this summer, due in no small part, I’m sure, to the wireless technology posts on this very blog [tongue firmly in cheek]. :-)

a song in honor of the vote to be held in Sandy Springs June 21st

To the tune of Starship’s “We Built This City,” though it’s no longer entirely fair to characterize Sandy Springs as exclusively white-bread:

Say you don’t know us, just take 400 north
Say we’re glad to have you here — depends on what you’re worth
Knee-deep in the turtles, plunk signs on our lawns
Lining up on Mount Vernon, going going gone

Someone’s always calling Fulton County names
Who cares, now that we’re playing incorporation games
We’ll just do our own thing, take our ball and stay here
They call us mean suburbanites — watch Milton next year!

Robb Pitts cannot play hardball
Listen to the Neal Boortz show
Don’t you remember
We’ll vote this city
We’ll vote this city to keep our dough

Missed Opportunity

Ashley Smith, the woman taken hostage by courthouse shooter-upper Brian Nichols, has a publishing contract and is now “writing” a book.

Sadly, the powers that be have forsaken the most obvious and best title for the book, “The Accident-Driven Life” and have settled instead on “Unlikely Angel: The Untold Story of the Atlanta Hostage Hero.”

I may save “The Accident-Driven Life” for my not-ever-to-be-written book on Americans who forsake real books for the ghost-written memoirs of pseudo-celebs thrust into the public eye through no fault of their own by the celeb-hungry news media.

In the meantime, be on the lookout for the other book I’m not working on, “Lonely At The Top: The Carl E. Roland Story” at a fine bookseller near you.

Atlanta is slightly less polluted! let’s celebrate!

It’s true: there’s an EPA standard as to how much pollution can be in the air as measured over any one-hour period, and Atlanta has met, rather than exceeded, that standard. For the first time since 1978. 27 years: imagine how much time we would have needed with no MARTA at all.

We don’t meet the stricter eight-hour standard yet. Still, enjoy it now before the IKEA opens up and everyone’s burning up all sorts of fuel to haul their do-it-yourself dining-room tables home.

The Southern Environmental Law Center has more info, I say not entirely disinterestedly, as I went to middle school with one of the attorneys working on their Atlanta Clean Air program.


This story about wannabe rappers shooting up a Dekalb County skating rink reminding me of the slip of paper handed to me when I paid for parking at last weekend’s Vibe Musicfest.


Translation: We know that a lot of you like to bring guns and knives to concerts. Be a pal and please leave them in the car tonight, won’t you?

I wish that hip-hop culture’s unending embrace of violence, machismo and materialism (the three cannot be separated) was more upsetting to more people than it is. Not that my upset means a damn thing anyway.

Give Me Your Homeless (and Two Bucks for Bus Fare)

And here I had a nice little write-up about my lunch today at Sampan Café that I just lost. I’ll give you the short version: cute place, OK food. Oh, and jalapeños and basil really don’t go that well together. Just ask my stomach.

Nongastronomically speaking, Downtown Atlanta is desparately trying to do its part to brighten its image to the eyes of OTPers and future tourists by introducing a ban for panhandling. [link] Along with this, the 24/7 Gateway Center is opening soon in downtown Atlanta and will serve as…well, a gateway center. Their main target is homeless people and they will offer a number of services including job training and mental health treatment. [link]

You have to give some kudos to the city for their work in trying to make downtown a desirable place for the $100K condo owners and future cash cows. Smells like progress to me.

Or that could be the spicy mango chicken.

Hot Times In the City

Summertime in the city

Finally the rain has subsided, but now I know why the city’s nickname is Hotlanta. Man, it’s hot.

Desperate to cool off in something other than my bathtub, I headed to the closest public pool in Midtown at Piedmont Park. Thankfully, it wasn’t crowded at all and was perfectly clean. Bonus: there’s no fee Monday through Friday from 1:30 – 4:30 pm ($2 for adults at other times).

There’s a wide variety of other pools and swimming holes throughout the metro area. Check out Access Atlanta’s guide here. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

The Most Popular Singer In History

The most popular singer in the history of Earth will be performing in Atlanta on Friday night.


That’s not hyperbole. At 71, Bollywood film musical vocalist Asha Bhosle is thought to be the most recorded singer in history with over 50,000 songs to her credit. Her only competition in that category is her older sister Lata Mangeshkar, who supposedly held the record until 1991 or so.

Bhosle and her sister did not appear in the films. They served as what Bollywood calls “playback singers,” recording the vocal parts that would then be lip-synched on film by actors.

If you’ve ever watched a Bollywood musical film and thought to yourself “Jeez, they all sound the same,” it’s because they literally are the same. The majority of female parts in the majority of Bollywood films made thus far have featured the glorious, three-plus-octave singing voices of Asha Bhosle or Lata Mangeshkar. Because of India’s large population, Bollywood’s rapid film output, and Bhosle’s breakneck workpace and six decade career, Bhosle can rightfully claim to be the most popular singer in the history of the world. Or, if you prefer, in this world of lazy pseudo-journalism we call the blogosphere, I can certainly claim the title for her on this blog’s behalf.

Bhosle will be at the Fox on Friday night. Her performance will raise money for Indian villages hit by December’s tsunami.

The Beauty of Moe’s and Joe’s

I’m going to Moe’s & Joe’s tonight. No, I’m not just announcing my social schedule to you. There’s a reason I’m going. Tonight (and every Tuesday) they have they’re special ultra cheap pitchers of PBR. Typically, the pitchers are just cheap, not as ultra cheap as they are tonight. Though that is definitely a draw, Moe’s and Joe’s also used to have a great jukebox (it was digital, connected to the internet and you got something like 35 songs for $5, so getting there early was a huge bonus to dominating the jukebox for the night) and they used to lose track of how many pitchers you had ordered as a group. It’s a dive otherwise, but the kind of dive that grows on you and, more recently, the service has been far above it’s dive status (like, they’re nice to you and stuff). The other reason I like going to Moe’s and Joe’s is that it is two blocks from my house, so getting home is never an issue. Seriously, Moe’s and Joe’s is one of my favorite places to go for happy hour/special priced-night/whatever it’s called.

Other places I enjoy – Stool Pigeons and their $2 pints of everything on Friday nights and Giorgio’s when they have the special pizza + pitcher deals going on (have you been to Giorgio’s on Collier? Excellent pizza place).

My question, dear Atlanta Metroblog readers, is what is your favorite in the city?

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