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More Free Films

If you still haven’t gotten out to Screen On The Green, you’re in luck.

The Flicks On 5th Summer Film Series is a free outdoor movie series at Centergy Plaza, 75 5th Street in Midtown. Films including Bourne Identity and Office Space (yay!) will be shown Wednesday at sunset through July 27.

Free popcorn will be served, but limited seating is provided. Bring your blankets for seating on the concrete square in front of Centergy Plaza. Parking is a bit trickier – there are meters around the 5th & Spring intersection, as well as the parking deck at the Georgia Tech Conference Center/ Hotel.

Meat Meet

Atlanta Pride!


Garrison Keillor at Chastain!

If that wasn’t enough smug indie-rock-loving gay-friendly NPR-loyal newspaper columnist to cover in one weekend, Zoo Atlanta is also hosting Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest tomorrow at 1pm.


If you’ve never paid any attention to the world of competitive eating, you’re missing out. It’s a grotesque, bizarre, thrilling and very very fun event that I’ve covered in Creative Loafing for the last three years (2002, 2003, 2004).

The winner of the contest wins a spot at the table for Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest — the Super Bowl of competitive eating events.

Fun and Games

Well, I’ve been out and about this week in the Big Peach working so, I’m ready for something fun and interesting for this weekend.

Here’s a few figs on my leaf, I mean, things on my list.

The Georgia Shakespeare Festival has A Streetcar Named Desire starting tonight. If only the Marlon Brando of 1951 was starring but, I’m sure this weekend’s cast will be great.

The Atlanta Pride celebration is going on this weekend, as well, with a parade on Sunday. According to the Mayor’s office, the Atlanta Pride Celebration brings in over $20 million in revenue to the city. (source: With about 300,000 people, one would think so.

Now, if you want to ride out east a few miles to Athens (go dawgs), you can take in Athfest – boy, do they need a new name for that one – it’s all about music. Pylon will headline tonight, followed by, The Whigs on Sat. and Shawn Mullins on Sun.

OR – if you don’t have any money like me, you could just ride MARTA around in circles – go to the airport and pretend you are headed to Australia, jump back on MARTA while thinking, “man, Australia was wonderful!”.

It’s coming

One week from today a lot of restaurant/bars in Atlanta will stop being “family-friendly” and become 18+. That’s right, the smoking ban starts on July 1 and places like the Vortex Bar and Grill are going to stop serving to minors so that their adult patrons can smoke. As they put it:

We are saddened that the State government is forcing us to limit the choices we offer our clientele, but since The Vortex was established as a social gathering place for adults, we will continue to offer the option of smoking to our patrons.

Therefore, EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2005 you must be 21 years old to enter The Vortex.

For some reason, I’m reminded of the Simpson’s where all the single people start banning families from restaurants.

Podcasting II

Now that it’s been brought up . . .

The My ‘Lanta podcast isn’t just recorded in Atlanta. It’s exclusively about Atlanta — Atlanta news, music, history and culture. There’s no ranting, no rambling, and absolutely no “listen while do something that’s interesting to me, but boring to you since you can’t see it”- type recordings.

We find odd and interesting Atlanta things to read (our most popular segment, as judged by listener feedback, is our Best of Atlanta Craigslist segment, where we read the best Atlanta Craiglist postings that we could collect over the previous couple of weeks.

And the bits with Lisa Baron aren’t actually Lisa Baron. It’s me pretending I’m her while reading her “Lisa Baron On Marriage” Sunday Paper newspaper column while my co-host Phil “interviews.” Phil and I have been appalled/fascinated by her column since its inception. It’s a gruesomely bad column that I can only assume is allowed in print because The Sunday Paper’s publisher figured that it would get his new newspaper mentioned a lot on the air by Lisa’s husband, 99X’s Jimmy Baron.

We wanted to parody the column, but realized that it’s nearly impossible to parody something that’s already so over-the-top awful. The solution of course was to simply read the column in its entirety, using the nagging, simpering voice it deserves.

And if that’s not enough “me” talk for you, I’m gonna be on the radio tonight (Thursday). Click here for details.

Doctor’s Orders, Degree’s Fake

In A Monk’s Reflections, Rev. Edward Malloy says “A college degree is not a sign that one is a finished product but an indication a person is prepared for life.”

I’m thinking Doctor Tiy-E Muhammad might’ve held onto that nugget for as long as he could until today’s AJC piece.

The former Clark Atlanta University associate professor turned castaway on TBS’ “The Real Gilligan’s Island” has called himself a psychologist on his Web site and book jacket covers, yet he is not licensed to practice psychology in Georgia or anywhere else.

Tiy-E Muhammad is a ‘professor’ on the TBS reality show ‘The Real Gilligan’s Island.’ But Clark Atlanta University says it let him go. His credentials are as uncharted as a desert isle.

Kara Sinkule, a spokeswoman for the Georgia secretary of state’s office, said Muhammad, known as “The Love Doctor” on a local radio station, could face misdemeanor criminal charges.

Claiming you are a psychologist without a license is illegal, she said.

Muhammad, 35, says he’s a doctor, but he didn’t earn a Ph.D. in psychology at the school from which he has said he graduated, school records show. In fact, he attended Southern Illinois University for just one semester as an unspecified graduate student, said SIU spokesman Tom Woolf.

Muhammad said he left Clark Atlanta, where he was an associate professor in the psychology department for four years, because he wasn’t paid enough and he “no longer felt that spark” from teaching. School officials said he left after they discovered his credentials were bogus.


Muhammad, who received a master’s degree in guidance and counseling from Eastern Illinois University, said Monday he was unaware that claiming to be a psychologist without a license was illegal.

“I checked it out when I moved here. It’s not against the law,” he said.

But when a reporter read Muhammad the Georgia Law Code that relates to psychologists (Sec. 43-39-7), he said, “I’m a life coach, I say I’m a life coach. It makes things simpler.”
[link] (reg. req.)

First there was the Cartersville editor stealing Leonard Pitts’ articles and now this so called “psychologist/author” turns up to be the bunk. And apparently he knew he was faking the funk, but was still peddling his information and making women swoon. And I took a class from him in undergrad when I cross-registered!

Talk about a smooth criminal.

The Fake Dr. Muhammad

Podcasting Atlanta

After I was interviewed for a local podcast (shameless plug), I started looking around at other Atlanta podcasts. A ‘podcast,’ for the few of you who may not know, is like a radio show that is put together by an amateur – usually – and published to the web in mp3 form so that listeners may listen whenever. Now, not having an iPod (and not much of a desire for one) I’ve only listened to a couple and I find the medium… uh… interesting.

Anyway, I’m trying to compile a list of Atlanta podcasts (podcasts that are based in Atlanta and that are somewhat about Atlanta) and here that the ones I have so far (found by googling, at, or Please let me know if there are others to add!

I hope I’m okay speaking for my fellow metbloggers when I say that our favorites, so far, are wtfBBQ and My ‘lanta (metblogger Andisheh is a co-host and they feature Lisa Baron on two shows!). I’ve probably missed a whole bunch of them though and gotten something here wrong, so feel free to have at me… I deserve it.

Ikea Yikes!

If coffee tables named FR÷JSTA, tubs full of steaming meatballs and the possibility of being trampled to death by eager fellow shoppers aren’t reasons enough to get yourself to the June 29 opening of Atlanta’s Ikea furniture store, consider this — apparently, when you walk in for the grand opening, the store’s employees line up on either side of your path and applaud you. I don’t know why, but that kind of excites me.

Marijuana-flavored candy blasted

AP story on pot candy that mentions Atlanta:

At Junkman’s Daughter, an Atlanta novelty shop, the suckers are sold near the cash register from a bucket labeled with a marijuana leaf.

“We’ve got probably every weird kind of candy there is in here,” owner Pam Majors said. “If it was anything you could get high off of, we wouldn’t carry it, obviously.”

Dear Friends….

…you can catch me this weekend at the Atlanta Symphony Hall for the Southeastern Premiere of DEAR FRIENDS Music from Final Fantasy

The FINAL FANTASYÆ symphony concert tour is coming to ATLANTA for two rare dates: Friday, June 24 at 8:00 PM and Saturday, June 25 2005 at 6PM in Atlanta Symphony Hall. The concert, to be performed by the Atlanta Symphony and Chorus, has just been announced from the long-awaited concerts in North America featuring music from the world-renowned FINAL FANTASY video game series.

I’ll spare you how I grew up on the FF games and even went so far in my geekdom as to not only try and transcribe the songs from MIDIs, but petitioned for the Final Fantasy Theme to be played at my graduation by the band. Hell, I’ve even got FFIV music on my mp3 player! For fans of the RPG genre and FF series, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event. Hope to see you there!


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