ah, Koncak.

Pursuant to Kendall’s post, I’ve been checking out the online Sports Illustrated gallery of legendary draft busts. Strangely, the Hawks’ most famous mistake, Jon Koncak, ranks only 14th on the list.

(More after the cut, but it’s ACC-related, not so much Atlanta-related.)

Y’all still with me? Okay. Now, did someone at Duke’s PR staff bribe SI? Because that school is legendary for its players translating into next to nothing in the NBA, and only one Duke pick (Danny Ferry) makes the list. I think SI left Bobby Hurley off because there’s no way of telling how good a player he would have been had he not gone through the windshield of his own pickup his rookie year — and I loved Bobby Hurley with all my schoolgirl heart in 1992 and would thank him now, but the Kings have the right to be annoyed about how that pick turned out. Meanwhile, there’s a better case to be made for (ex-Hawk) Christian Laettner to be on the SI list than for Derrick Coleman.

I am willing to entertain the arguments both for and against Dennis Scott — yes, the Dennis Scott who was one of the first Tech players to bypass his senior year and go pro, and if I remember correctly it was a relatively controversial move. He was chosen fourth overall in 1990. (Fourth!) Likewise Kenny Anderson (second, New Jersey, ’92), whom I didn’t even realize was signed by the Hawks last year.

So unfortunately, it’s just as easy, perhaps easier, to come up with long lists of busts as it is to come up with successful drafts. (Check out Hakeem Olajuwon’s tux, in a separate slide show of draft fashion.) I’m curious as to what the Hawks get for having put on such an awful show last year, but I can’t say I’m all that optimistic.

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