Your lawmakers at work

Some exciting new laws take effect in Georgia on Friday, July 1.

Here are but a few. The descriptions between the quotation marks are courtesy of this AJC story. The sarcastic comments that reveal extreme frustration tinged with sadness are mine:

“Marriage licenses will get more expensive ó rising from $10 to $35 ó for couples who don’t get premarital counseling. The measure is designed to cut down on divorces. Supporters said some ill-matched couples might decide against marriage after they get counseling.”

Honey, this potential $25* savings has really motivated me start thinking more seriously about whether we’re right for each other. Let’s go to couples counseling. It only costs $75/hour.

“It will become a felony to send a high volume of commercial e-mails ó known as spam ó intended to mislead recipients.”

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“Georgians will be able to keep the same driver’s license for up to 10 years, probably won’t have to worry about passing an eye examination. . .”

Eye exam for a driver’s license? What a waste of time. It’s not like I was even gonna look where I was going anyway.

“Georgians won’t be able to buy Sudafed and similar cold and sinus remedies off the shelf in the state. They will only be sold from behind store counters, in an effort to discourage people from making the illegal stimulant methamphetamine.”

Now that I think about it, weed and crack are so much harder to get since they started putting them behind the counter.

(*Correction — The original post said $15. My math be bad).

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