We’re 31!

Congratulations, fellow Atlantans.

The city’s climate, your glands, and the efforts of a PR firm trying to justify its outrageous monthly fee have combined to make Atlanta #31 on Old Spice’s fourth annual “Top 100 Sweatiest Cities List.”

Press Release
Source: Old Spice

Old Spice Names Phoenix the Sweatiest City in America
Wednesday June 15, 6:00 am ET
Leading Male Antiperspirant/Deodorant and Personal Cleansing Brand Announces Fourth Annual Old Spice Sweatiest Cities Study

CINCINNATI, June 15 /PRNewswire/ — In anticipation of the first day of summer on Tuesday, June 21, Old Spice today announced its Fourth Annual Top-100 Sweatiest Cities List — a ranking of the nation’s heaviest sweaters during the summer months. For the second time in four years, the No. 1 perspiration producer is Phoenix, taking the title from last year’s top-ranking city of El Paso, Texas. The top honor also went to the famed desert city back in 2003.

Phoenix turned up the heat to jump to the top of the list after dropping to just No. 3 last year, living up to its nickname “Valley of the Sun.” Living in what now ranks as one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation, the average Phoenix resident produced .76 liters of sweat per hour during a typical summer day in 2004 (more than two 12-ounce glasses of lemonade). In a two-hour period, residents of Phoenix collectively produced more than enough sweat to equal a 12-ounce glass of lemonade for everyone in the state of Arizona!

In recognition of its top placement on the list, Old Spice will be delivering a year’s supply of Old Spice Red Zone antiperspirant, the strongest form of wetness protection available for guys, to Phoenix mayor, Honorable Phil Gordon.

“Weather patterns are constantly changing, and this of course has a tremendous effect on where cities fall in the Sweatiest Cities ranking,” said Dr. Paul Ruscher, associate professor and associate chair of meteorology at Florida State University. “While cities like Phoenix have consistently remained one of the top-10 sweatiest cities, cities like San Francisco, which ranked No. 68 last year, fell to the bottom of our list at No. 100 — claiming the title ‘Least Sweaty City.'”

Cities in Texas and Florida continued to dominate the top-10 while, for the first time, a city in Nevada cracked the top-5 with Las Vegas ranking No. 2. The least sweatiest cities include Green Bay, Wis., Colorado Springs, Colo. and San Francisco.

“Whether battling weather in the Texas panhandle, the French Quarter of New Orleans or the beaches of Miami, our bodies produce sweat in order to stay cool,” said Old Spice sweat expert, Dr. Tim Long. “Although we can’t control outdoor temperature levels, there are ways to minimize sweat and odor in even the most unforgiving summer conditions.”

With the nation’s temperatures heating up, Old Spice recommends the following tips to stay cool, dry and sweat-free in any region of the country:

* Water – Drink plenty of fluids, at least eight to 10 glasses of water per day.

* Choose Cotton – Wear clothing that breathes easier, such as cotton.
Avoid materials that encourage perspiration, such as polyester and nylon, as well as dark colors.

* Replace Salt and Minerals – Sweating removes salt and minerals from the body. If participating in a strenuous activity where you anticipate heavy perspiration, drink fruit juices and sports beverages to replace the lost minerals.

* Reduce Sweat Output and Stay Odor Free – Use an antiperspirant/deodorant daily, such as Old Spice Red Zone, which temporarily stops the flow of underarm sweat and reduces its production up to 85 percent.

The Sweatiest Cities ranking is based on the average U.S. male/female height/weight, and the average high temperature for 2004 in each of the cities during June, July and August. The sweat level was analyzed based on the assumption that the individual was walking for one hour. The complete list of the top-100 sweatiest cities follows.

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Brought to You By the Sweat Experts at Old Spice

1. Phoenix, AZ 52. Philadelphia, PA
2. Las Vegas, NV 53. Roanoke, VA
3. Tucson, AZ 54. Evansville, IN
4. Miami, FL 55. Baltimore, MD
5. Corpus Christi, TX 56. Omaha, NE
6. West Palm Beach, FL 57. Springfield, MO
7. Houston, TX 58. Kansas City, MO
8. Tampa, FL 59. New York, NY
9. Orlando, FL 60. Lexington, KY
10. Fort Myers, FL 61. Cincinnati, OH
11. San Antonio, TX 62. Los Angeles, CA
12. Honolulu, HI 63. Columbus, OH
13. Dallas, TX 64. Asheville, NC
14. Montgomery, AL 65. Indianapolis, IN
15. New Orleans, LA 66. Moline, IL
16. Mobile, AL 67. Sioux Falls, SD
17. Baton Rouge, LA 68. Spokane, WA
18. Waco, TX 69. San Diego, CA
19. Jacksonville, FL 70. Toledo, OH
20. El Paso, TX 71. Hartford, CT
21. Austin, TX 72. Dayton, OH
22. Charleston, WV 73. Des Moines, IA
23. Fresno, CA 74. Boston, MA
24. Savannah, GA 75. Providence, RI
25. Shreveport, LA 76. Portland, OR
26. Columbia, SC 77. Pittsburgh, PA
27. Memphis, TN 78. Detroit, MI
28. Jackson, MS 79. Springfield, IL
29. Little Rock, AR 80. Albany, NY
30. Birmingham, AL 81. Cleveland, OH
31. Atlanta, GA 82. Fort Wayne, IN
32. Tulsa, OK 83. Chicago, IL
33. Oklahoma City, OK 84. Minneapolis, MN
34. Raleigh, NC 85. Grand Rapids, MI
35. Norfolk, VA 86. Denver, CO
36. Chattanooga, TN 87. Syracuse, NY
37. Richmond, VA 88. South Bend, IN
38. Greenville, SC 89. Madison, WI
39. Louisville, KY 90. Flint, MI
40. Washington, DC 91. Buffalo, NY
41. Greensboro, NC 92. Burlington, VT
42. Albuquerque, NM 93. Youngstown, OH
43. Charlotte, NC 94. Milwaukee, WI
44. Nashville, TN 95. Seattle, WA
45. Huntsville, AL 96. Rochester, NY
46. Virginia Beach, VA 97. Portland, ME
47. Wichita, KS 98. Green Bay, WI
48. St. Louis, MO 99. Colorado Springs, CO
49. Sacramento, CA 100. San Francisco, CA
50. Knoxville, TN
51. Salt Lake City, UT

Source: Old Spice

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