the Atlanta Film Festival: further observations

Well, it seems my earlier post on the Atlanta Film Festival generated quite a bit of feedback, and I don’t like to be the kind of girl who ignores feedback, even if it’s of the “shut your trap” variety. So:

Apparently IMAGE has had massive turnover, and the marketing director has been in his post a mere six weeks. (He/she left a comment as “Anonymous,” though I’m not sure why; either his/her name is Garrin Hirschhorn, or it isn’t.) I would have been less harsh in my criticisms had I known, though it just goes to show you that people with no idea of the context will pass judgment whether you’ve been at work six weeks or six days or six hours. (The best book on gettting up to speed in a new job that I’ve read so far, by the way, is The First 90 Days by Michael Watkins, who used to teach at Harvard Business School and is now at INSEAD.)

Second, the site now has a very nifty pop-up window that makes it much easier to see what films appear on what day. Either that wasn’t working on the day I visited the site, or I somehow just missed it. So I apologize for going off on AFF’s having a non-navigable site, since that’s not actually true.

Third, using said nifty search engine, I can now see that there are also plenty of panel discussions and narrative films to go with the documentaries. And that one of the documentaries is March of the Penguins, which I’ve been looking forward to. (And that The Education of Shelby Knox is a documentary; reading the synopsis, I’d assumed it was fiction.) So, yes. Had I seen what I’m seeing now, I would have written a very different original entry.

So y’all should go look at the AFF schedule again, though I reiterate what I said about skipping the Sympathy for Mr Vengeance synopsis. In fact, Anonymous Marketing Director, if you want to comment here or email me directly — it’s jessicaharbour at gmail, by the way, not jharbour at hotmail — I’ll send you a blurb to substitute for what’s currently up for Sympathy. I promise.

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  1. Thatsmorelikeit (unregistered) on June 15th, 2005 @ 1:45 am

    Thank you for this post. I get the impression that bloggers don’t realize the impact of their published words, especially when one types in “Atlanta Film Festival” and a blog post (i.e. the previous one) appears as #4 on the Google list. Not exactly helpful to a nonprofit’s marketing effort. Especially when you’re trying to create a buzz about something so near and dear to the local community. It takes quite a bit of effort to generate positive buzz, as any marketer will tell you. But negative buzz travels much quicker. Just read “The Anatomy of Buzz” by Emanuel Rosen for more on the subject. So please think about the impact of your words and check the facts, as any good journalist worth their salt would do, prior to publishing.

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