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lovin’ Shakespeare

Before I get started: THANK YOU, Kendall, for giving the Hawks the talking-to they deserve. Lord Almighty, what a waste of a halfway decent arena.

Speaking of Atlanta institutions: hey, look, the Georgia Shakespeare Festival is celebrating their 20th anniversary season! (I think that means it’s their 21st season.) They’re kicking off with “20 Days to Support 20 Years of Georgia Shakespeare,” but their list of events, which you might have received via email if you’re on their Yahoo! Group mailing list, is full of stuff like “Watch two versions of Romeo and Juliet” and “Buy us something.”

As a public service to play-loving Metrobloggers, I have below listed all the actual events of this celebration. As Gregg Easterbrook would say in his Tuesday Morning Quarterback column, this is an exclusive.

Evolution theory stickers taken off textbooks

The AP is reporting that Cobb County has begun remove the 34,452 stickers from science textbooks that disclaimed the following regarding evolution, to comply with a Judge’s order:

This textbook contains material on evolution. Evolution is a theory, not a fact, regarding the origin of living things. This material should be approached with an open mind, studied carefully, and critically considered.

The Cobb County school district is appealing the ruling and Jeffrey Selman, one of six parents who sued to have the stickers removed added, ìIím optimistic, but it ainít over till itís over.”

[Via BoingBoing]

Chances are…

As the worst team in the league … Our bewildered Atlanta Hawks had an ONE in FOUR chance of getting the #1 Pick in the NBA Draft.

Did they get it?


Come June 28th … they’ll pick second behind the Milwaukee Bucks.

Oh yeah – This reminds me of something I’ve been meaning to do all season.

(Clearing my throat – AHEM!!!)

Dear Mr. Knight,
First, allow me to applaud you and the entire Hawks organization on um… er … I really liked those Yellow Home Jerseys y’all wore against the Bulls. Nice!

Throughout the season, we (meaning I) have watched:
You unload 75% of the talent and 50% of your payroll!

Listened while your Boss (Atlanta Spirit Prez/CEO Bernie Mullin) actually said “We don’t sell wins or losses, we sell entertainment”.

I attended 33% of your winning games, I even stayed after the final buzzer to see THIS GUY

I didn’t even cringe when the rumor was that the Hawks organization is set to jack up ticket prices starting next season, DESPITE having the absolute worst record in the league.

All I am asking for is a little consideration on Draft Day.

1) Take a good look at the boys coming out of the ACC (May, Felton, Paul, McCants, Williams, even Jack)
2) Be the 2nd team in the East with a TRUE center
3) Give us a name that we can pronounce

Whatever you do Mr. Knight, please don’t do this or this or this…need I say more?

We want to Fill the “Phill” man but you’ve GOT to provide a better product!

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Best wishes,
— Kendall Meeks

A Few Good Authors

The Atlanta Metroblog is looking for a few good bloggers to join our happy few. Twisted sense of humor, eyes in the back of your head and an intimate knowledge of the area are not required, but certainly help. Regular Octane attendance may be enforced at the random will of our captain.

When it comes to posting there are only two rules: Rule #1: The posts have to be about Atlanta. Rule #2: There are no more rules (I know, such a cliche rule, but it’s still early)

We are looking for authors that can post an average of 3 times per week.

Soo… apply here

Why does Jim Wooten hate Atlanta?

I spent last weekend in DC and I can’t tell you how intoxicating it was to be in a city with a public transit system that works and that people want to use.

This is some ranting fueled by Jim Wooten’s editorial in today’s AJC.

I know I delve into Wooten’s columns with a certain amount of pre-existing prejudice, but that doesn’t make him sound like any less of a flappy-headed, suburban yokel. I’ve never heard him speak, but based on his photo, I imagine he sounds like Will Ferrell doing the Harry Caray impression after 5 or 6 Southern Comforts. The reason I resort to these vicious personal attacks is that I am not learned or articulate enough on the subject matter in today’s column to engage in a high-level debate, so I have to get my sucker punches in where I can. I’m sorry, it’s what I do. Now that I’ve sapped all of my credibility, I’ll get to the partisan talking points.

bubble, bubble, are we all in trouble?

So every so often, my boyfriend and I walk our dog around the neighborhood and play the “They think they’re going to get WHAT for that house?” game. (The AJC has a tool that allows you to look up what homes on your street sold for; I just found out that the home across the street from where we live sold for a considerable sum lower than originally demanded.)

We rent, thankfully, and our landlord has no interest in selling. It doesn’t stop us from speculating on when might be a good time to buy, though. I keep saying “Not now,” for fear of rising interest rates (with links to articles on the subject; link via Asymmetrical Information). But maybe in two years it’ll be a great time to buy, as everyone sees the rates go up and panic. Or maybe in two years we’ll all be broke and nobody will buy or sell anything.

I’ll tell y’all a story: back in the summer of 2002 I got to meet Rajiv Dhawan, who runs the Economic Forecasting Center at Georgia State. We talked about various economic matters, including the housing market, and then Rajiv said something interesting: he had found a nice apartment in a new complex. In other words, he wasn’t buying, and he had just moved from Los Angeles, one of the tightest housing markets in the country.

Granted, this was three years ago, and Rajiv might have found himself a nice place by now. But the truth is, buying a home around here is scary enough; just the uncertainty of what’s going to happen may be depressing prices without any help from Alan Greenspan.

You know what this calls for? A completely unscientific poll! (The nice MisterPoll people’s work notwithstanding, put your comments here, not there.)

I’m Baaaaaaaaack… The Prodigal Crimeblogger Returneth.

Here’s where I’ve been. If you’re a metroblogger and you’ve received my e-mail, just move right along, otherwise —

With The Dark Side: A True Crime Weblog which is now my primary blog as linked from here, I’ve discovered that I’m not the only weirdo out there who thinks and writes about high-profile and yes, Cap’n Strickland, occasionally bloody crimes in the news. I started Dark Side in it’s present form on December 29th, 2004. And then, boom, the hits kept a comin’. So now, almost 5 months later, it’s about to click over to 100,000 hits.

I don’t just cover Atlanta-based crimes, but hey, this is Atlanta — there does end up being plenty of local fodder for me to study. The Fulton County Courthouse Massacre [Google search], the disappearance and death of a nurse from Roswell, Leslie Beebe [Atlanta Metroblog search], Jennifer frickin’ “Runaway Bride” Wilbanks [Metroblog search], and yes, the Corbin Case [Dark Side search, Metroblog search].

I found after I started writing about that stuff that folks love it. If “love” is the right word. More than in my personal blog,, where I will take risks style-wise or just be an idiot, I decided that I wanted to write accessible and detailed entries about these crimes for Dark Side, and if they had an internet element, highlight that with mucho linkage. What happened is once I levelled off with 1,000 hits a day, I realized I had a lot of work to do.

All in all the success of a personally-constructed blog is gratifying and a good thing, but it can make you feel weirdly obsessive and paranoid. Add to that the fact that I write about crimes, many of them yet to be solved… I am certain at least one or more suspect has read my blog entries about their deeds, may even be reading as we speak. I know families of victims read, so I take care to be as sensitive as I can when writing about their loved ones. I get disturbing comments the public never sees, because I delete them, and a ton of cryptic e-mail. Fun and scary, but also absorbing, even mentally exhausting.

Add to that a dose of multiple sclerosis and wintertime blues, and you have one absentee Atlanta metroblogger.

But now I’ve returned, and I promise I’ll be good — no egregious cross-posting of verbatim posts from my other blogs and I’ll take care with the gruesome details of my opera performances… and the crimes I cover. Look for a new entry about the Corbin Case coming soon, and more coverage of this most local of high-profile tragedies in the upcoming months as it goes to trial in Gwinnett county.

But I can guaran-damn-tee you this, yo — my fingers will, as Gawd is mah witness, never type another “Runaway Bride” weblog entry again. Cross my heart, take it to the bank. Why can’t what happened in Duluth stay in Duluth?

Don’t answer that.

what is up with the concerts lately?

Driving by Plaza Fiesta yesterday, I saw a sign:


Still don’t know what’s up with the Slick Rick appearance — he’ll be at Music Midtown, for those of y’all who’ve already made Memorial Day weekend plans — but tickets to see La Chica Dorada at the DeKalb Events Center, attached to Plaza Fiesta, are $41 each. I’ve already checked.

On the one hand, it says something rather nifty about the economic growth of the local Hispanic population that promoters think they call fill a 1,500-seat venue at $41 a pop for an artist whose English-language album tanked. On the other hand, I foolishly participated in a charity drive earlier this week, thus blowing my chance at hearing “Amarte en Libertad” live.

Meanwhile, Eurovision? Tomorrow. Place to watch? Not found yet. Me? Desperate.

Muss & Turner’s

Living in Smyrna, or as I like to call it, AMERICA’S PREEMINENT ORGY OF BURGEONING “MIXED-USE” DEVELOPMENTS*, I am constantly bombarded by hip new retailers trying to come between me and what little cash I have. Not that I mind, though, as it is better this than retailers packing up because my money is not good enough for them. And I certainly have nothing against local residents starting local businesses, I am just inherently suspicious of business plans that involve using a certain aesthetic to justify higher than average pricing in an attempt to siphon dollars from the higher-income set. As someone who is decidedly not rich, I can’t help but feel that the aforementioned aesthetic is aimed a little over my head.

Last night, I patronized just such an establishment. One of the first businesses to open in the yet-to-be-completed John Wieland development at the intersection of Atlanta Road and Cumberland Parkway is Muss & Turner’s, a gourmet sandwich shop / market.

I guess it’s true

You know how you’re always told not to touch the third rail of the MARTA tracks (or of anything, I suppose)? Well, there’s a reason why you’re told that.

A man running from police was killed Thursday when he came in contact with the electrified third rail at the airport MARTA station, authorities said.

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