Chances are…

As the worst team in the league … Our bewildered Atlanta Hawks had an ONE in FOUR chance of getting the #1 Pick in the NBA Draft.

Did they get it?


Come June 28th … they’ll pick second behind the Milwaukee Bucks.

Oh yeah – This reminds me of something I’ve been meaning to do all season.

(Clearing my throat – AHEM!!!)

Dear Mr. Knight,
First, allow me to applaud you and the entire Hawks organization on um… er … I really liked those Yellow Home Jerseys y’all wore against the Bulls. Nice!

Throughout the season, we (meaning I) have watched:
You unload 75% of the talent and 50% of your payroll!

Listened while your Boss (Atlanta Spirit Prez/CEO Bernie Mullin) actually said “We don’t sell wins or losses, we sell entertainment”.

I attended 33% of your winning games, I even stayed after the final buzzer to see THIS GUY

I didn’t even cringe when the rumor was that the Hawks organization is set to jack up ticket prices starting next season, DESPITE having the absolute worst record in the league.

All I am asking for is a little consideration on Draft Day.

1) Take a good look at the boys coming out of the ACC (May, Felton, Paul, McCants, Williams, even Jack)
2) Be the 2nd team in the East with a TRUE center
3) Give us a name that we can pronounce

Whatever you do Mr. Knight, please don’t do this or this or this…need I say more?

We want to Fill the “Phill” man but you’ve GOT to provide a better product!

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Best wishes,
— Kendall Meeks

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  1. Seth (unregistered) on May 24th, 2005 @ 10:45 pm

    Bravo, Kendall. I hope someone with Atlanta Spirit or the Hawks hears your pleas.

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