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Goats and Kudzu

Having grown up in Atlanta and the South, I’ve lived with Kudzu all my life (“From 1935 to the early 1950s, farmers in the South were encouraged to plant kudzu to reduce soil erosion, and Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps planted it widely for many years. Kudzu was recognized as a pest weed by the United States Department of Agriculture in 1953, and was removed from its list of permissible cover plants.” More, also, here). But this solution is a new one to me – very innovative.

When Peachtree City learned killing kudzu with chemicals and manpower might cost $387,000 a year, officials considered farming the job out ó to goats.

“They’re tearing the stuff up,” said Mayor Steve Brown, who did Internet research on kudzu-gobbling animals.

City Council members joked about it at a recent retreat, then weighed the cost of goats against conventional cutting and spraying.

“All of a sudden the goats started looking pretty good,” Brown said

It isn’t a radical solution, as I thought. Apparently, in 1989, “a University of Georgia agronomist suggested siccing 200,000 goats on the state’s thousands of kudzu-covered acres.” And NC State has used goats for two years. Tallahassee has cleared 800 acres in six years with the use of goat-like sheep.

Also check out – The 29th Annual Bltyhewood Kudzu Festival Kudzu Leaf Eating Contest

Draft Picks

People who know more about the Falcons than I do will probably disagree with the substance of this post. I’m more of a Braves fanatic and follow other teams/sports only to the extent that I can appear somewhat knowledgeable about them to friends and in sports bars.

During my wasiting-time-because-I-don’t-feel-like-working 15 minute break today, I check out the Falcons draft picks this weekend. Though SportsNation is giving the birds a B-C in picks, I think that they are pretty solid. My general feeling was that the Falcons needed another receiver for Vick to throw to and an improved defense. Which, it seems, is what they went out and get. My not knowing any of the picks by name is only circumstatial, as there are only a few college players I know by name (David Green, Reggie Ball).

So those are my extremely uninformed thoughts on our new Falcons. Uninformed mainly because, you know, there is a Braves season going on that constitutes most of my worries.

you think you’re so smarta

OK, MARTAholics. If you care enough to leave passionate comments on this blog about our favorite public-transit no-love-from-the-state basket case, then you care enough to attend one of the four public meetings being held this week: Decatur tonight, City Hall tomorrow, Roswell Road Wednesday and in College Park Thursday. Or at the very least, you care enough to send comments online directly to MARTA.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time right now to synthesize and respond to all the comments that came to this entry. One note I should make: there are now (I don’t know how long they’ve been there) simple screens in the Lenox, Arts Center, and Midtown stations (probably more; that’s just where I saw them this morning) that say NEXT 5-CAR TRAIN TO NORTH SPRINGS 6 MINUTES, or the like. To which I say: go, MARTA, go! The fanciest subway station in New York doesn’t have such easily accessible information. If the Powers That Be say that MARTA never does anything right, y’all MARTAficionados can point proudly to those screens.

on good comments and bad comments

Y’all, I’m just going to send out an all-blog apology. We have been riddled lately with the comment and trackback pings, and poor MT-Blacklist can only do so much. Fearless Leader Daniel is working on a way to get that ridiculousness far from our dear Metroblog; in the meantime . . . “teacher rape”? Ewww. We here at the Atlanta Metroblog do not condone teacher rape. Or hentai spam. Ewww!

On a more positive note, while cleaning up my share of the spam I saw that Andisheh Nouraee, known for the Loaf’s “Scene & Herd” and “Your War Questions Answered” features, has left a comment; and we shameless attention whores pleased bloggers can only return the favor by pointing you to his site and column.


99X has cancelled the On the Bricks concert series.

After four wonderful seasons, Atlantaís premier concert series, On The Bricks, will not return for the Summer 2005 season. In its outstanding run in downtown Atlanta, including 48 great shows, with 200 bands and more than 1,000,000 concertgoers, On The Bricks has been a key entertainment attraction for the city of Atlanta and all of Georgiaís residents.

On The Bricksí goal since its inception has been to provide a premier outdoor concert series featuring A-list artists that is both affordable and accessible to all. On The Bricks has been able to achieve this unique mix of excellent talent at a reduced ticket price with the generous support of corporate sponsorship. Unfortunately, we have not been able to generate the necessary sponsorship support to produce On The Bricks for the 2005 season.

A commenter on this Atlanta LJer sees a conspiracy.
Sponsoring huh? Sounds like another work of Mayor Shirley Franklin and her intention to move Buckhead to Underground. CONSPIRACY!!!!

Rebirth of a Nation

The Atlanta College of Art will present DJ Spooky’s Rebirth of A Nation on Friday, April 22. DJ Spooky, a world-renowned multimedia/performance artist ñ will present his remix of images from the 1915 film Birth of A Nation to present a strikingly original and provocative work that addresses issues of race and the use of technology and media in our society.

Projected onto three screens, DJ Spooky segues segments of D.W. Griffith’s racist 1915 silent film with graphics and visual effects accompanied by a soundtrack blending blues, jungle, dub, space rock and ambient hip hop samples mixed with DJ Spooky’s own score The Rebirth Suite.

$10-15. 8 p.m. Atlanta Symphony Hall, 1280 Peachtree St. 404-733-5000.

DJ Spooky


A group called DoCoMoMo Georgia has a campaign going to save the Constitution Building, originally built in 1948 and now possibly to be demolished if a proposed multi-modal transportation hub gets built. Quoth the group:

Conceived at the end of an era, the design combined a range of details and expressed a turning point in American architecture. The faÁade’s horizontal bands of windows, curved corners, and sleek stone sheathing contributed to the streamlined aesthetic popularized by the Art Moderne style. But the building’s dynamic relation to its triangular site and the continuation of the brick banding throughout each elevation bore the influence of both European Modernism and the progressive designs of Frank Lloyd Wright, notably the widely acclaimed Johnson Wax Administration Building (1936-1939).

Don’t want to see it go? Hike over to their site. They’re also got a list of other threatened buildings (and an explanation of wherefore “DoCoMoMo”).

If you end up getting involved (or are already involved), see if it’s possible to get a CafÈPress account, since that “Save the Constitution” graphic would look really neat on a T-shirt.

Attack of the Swedes!

(via LTR)

IKEA, the world’s leading home furnishings retailer, today announced that its Atlanta, GA store will open this Summer on Wednesday, June 29, 2005. The store will be the Swedish company’s 23rd in the U.S. and first in the Southeast. Until IKEA Atlanta opens, the closest IKEA stores are in Houston, TX and Woodbridge, VA.

People who live in Home Park or work in west Midtown, be afraid. Your area is about to be overrun with the traffic of people looking to see just how many different pieces of furniture can be made with the use of only one tool (*). I should know. All of my furniture comes from the IKEA from my college days in Chicago.

(*) That tool has a name, by the way, that I was unaware of until I arrived here at GaTech. I kept asking my labmates to pass me the “IKEA Tool Thing.” However, that is not its techinical name. It is more properly known as an Allen Wrench.

West Side Chow

After months of much (self-hyped) speculation, the West Side’s newest restaurant opened its doors.

The Real Chow Baby on Howell Mill Road bills itself as “new American stir-fry.” They have an assortment of appetizers and desserts, but the real star of the show is the do-it-yourself stir-fry bar. An array of fresh vegetables, sauces, and meats (tofu for the vegetarians) allow you to mix, match, and load up before you get to the huge stir-fry wok. The cooks take your bowl (personalized with your own named “paddle”) and take care of the hard part. Sound familiar? Yes, this is the fancy pants version of Mongolian barbeque.

smoke and mirrors / special effects / a little fear / a brand new bill

An alert Metroblogreader (there has to be a shorter term for that) today forwarded me a note from the American Lung Association, saying that Good ol’ Sonny is still making up his mind whether to sign or veto SB 90, otherwise known as the Statewide Smokefree Air Act. For those of you who feel passionately about this issue, your best bet is to write The Honorable Sonny Perdue, c/o the State Capitol, Atlanta GA 30334. Here’s the text of the bill.

In truth I was not the best person to send the forward to: admittedly, (1) I don’t smoke, (2) I don’t like the smell of smoke, and (3) I’m quite proud of my boyfriend, who quit last month, and my mother, who quit in 1990. All that having been said, the libertarian in me is a shade ambivalent about legislating smoking — which is still a legal activity if you’re over 18 — out of as many public places as possible. I’d rather rely on social stigma to do the trick. (It’s not just that smoking is confined to small areas at Hartsfield-Jackson; it’s also that the small smoking areas are so utterly uncomfortable and depressing.)

But while I’m not 100% in favor of the legislation at hand, I am 100% in favor of making readers happy. So if you have anything else you need us to bring up, shoot one of us an email or hit the comments.

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