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Wool socks cost $1.99 at Wal-Mart

Apparently Jen got a bit freaked out by the whole 600 guests, prominent families, 14 bridesmaids, marrying a dude that looks like he could be another Scott Peterson

So, instead of having the tough conversation with her mom/dad/priest/maid of honor/ or maybe even leaving a friggin cryptic note and disappearing… she decided instead to take her family through the most gut wrenching, life changing, emotionally draining, hopeless tailspin of their lives…

Folks all around the world are going to proclaim…“our prayers have been answered – it’s a miracle ….yada yada yada.”

When, in all actuality, the realization that the entire world had seen her picture plastered on every single newschannel for the last 48 hours and she wasn’t going to be able to hide out much longer.

Add to the fact, that ole girl attempted to shirk responsibility for the whole thing by saying she was kidnapped by some Hispanic dude before finally admitting the truth …

If you can’t tell I’m disgusted by this whole thing. You just don’t do THIS to your MOM

Little Screen on the Green

Tomorrow night (Saturday, April 30), Inman Middle School’s “Little Screen on the Green” presents The Incredibles (from 7-11 pm). It’s on the Upper Inman field, at the corner of Greencove and Virginia. The cost is $5 for aduls and $3 K-5th grade and it is organized by the Inman PTA to raise money for Audio/visual equipment. Bring a picnic (no chairs) and there will be drinks and snacks available for purchase.

Flying the very friendly skies

Mile High Atlanta is not some kind of club for displaced residents of Denver or fans of the number 5,280. No, Mile High Atlanta is a private, charter plane service offering to “make your fantasy a reality.”

That’s right, folks. For the paltry sum of $269.00 you can consumate your love a mile above the earth without worrying about wedging yourself into an airplane restroom or avoiding the gaze of other passengers or flight attendants.

You won’t get this kind of service at Hartsfield-Jackson, though. You’ll need to drive to Carrolton’s West Georgia Regional Airport. Still, it’s a short trip to take in order to make an even more fantastic journey, don’t you think?

Plus, you get a complimentary bottle of champagne and the sheets are yours to keep as a “souvenir of this special event.”

on the Jennifer Wilbanks case

The thing that strikes me about Jennifer Wilbanks is how profoundly ordinary she is. Christian woman; divorced parents; Duluth; medical assistant; wears ponchos in the winter (see the last photo in the series); runner; planning a wedding; has a couple close friends and a wide sprinkling of people who think well of her. There are probably thousands of women very much like her scattered around Atlanta in the suburbs, not all cut from the exact same mold — some are more creative, some prefer basketball to running, some had kids sooner, some went through wilder phases in high school or college, some are shyer, some are more conservative or more liberal — but similar in background and sunny temperament. Ordinary’s not so bad.

So if all had gone according to plan, the most media coverage Jennifer Wilbanks would have received would have been a small piece in the AJC and possibly a larger piece in the Gwinnett Daily Post on her wedding, which sounds like it was an enormous pain to plan (14 bridesmaids! 600 guests!). Instead she’s the subject of a huge investigation and national media attention, simply because of the very not-ordinary circumstances of her disappearing.

Our resident crimeblogger is on the case. All the rest of us can do is speculate and hope things get back to ordinary again soon.

Graphic Junkies

Graphic Junkies is a photolog of sorts run by “J”. “J” is an “active law enforcement officer in the state of Georgia” working in the Southwest Atlanta area. I noticed his site via a post on Metafilter and was completely drawn in by some of the fabulous photos.

Some of the shots deal with actual police work, others training and still others the general urban landscape. All of them are high quality and very compelling.

I’d love to learn more about the individual behind the camera, but I wonder if he/she can reveal any more details than are currently available. The stated goal of the site is “not about portraying a certain aspect of life over another, but to portray life itself as I see it day-in-day-out” and I think it’s a success in that regard.

Maybe the mystery of the photographer is part of the charm. Whatever it is, I’m a fan.

Play Hooky

I just got this e-mail from the Braves HQ:

Dear loyal Braves fan,

On Wednesday, May 4th, the Atlanta Braves take on the Florida Marlins at 1:05 pm. Many of you would normally be at work during these hours, so we’d like to help you arrange a day off from the boss. Just click on the doctor’s note below, print it out, fill in the appropriate info, and bring it to the office on Tuesday. Be sure to forward this e-mail to your friend and co-workers, so they can join you at the game.

Click here to download the doctor’s note (PDF File)

PS: If your boss believes it’s a real doctor’s note, immediately ask for a raise and company car.


Beltline goodness

In one of the efforts that may succeed in relieving Atlantans’s collective depression, the Atlanta Development Authority will be holding a Beltline related meeting on May 5. I found this out through my local (VaHi) civic association e-mail

Note: As part of ongoing work to explore a Tax Allocation District (TAD) for the BeltLine, the City and the Atlanta Development Authority (ADA) will hold a kickoff meeting on Thursday, May 5 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Old City Council Chambers.

The meeting marks the beginning of the redevelopment planning process and will cover the basics of the BeltLine, findings from the TAD Feasibility study and interactive exercises to develop vision and goals. Information will also be available about upcoming workshops.

The city is also going to start working on the sidewalks on Los Angelos between Maryland and Brookridge soon. This is going to interupt my personal walking pattern a little bit. See, you can learn all sorts of things from your neighborhood associations!


Atlanta is officially number 13 on the list of top 20 “most depressed” cities in America. This has nothing to do with the economy and everything to do with Zoloft, Paxil and Wellbutrin.

I think I’m gonna go mope in a corner now.

Dorks Unite

Saturday, May 7th has been dubbed Free Comic Book Day 2005.

As the name implies, it’s a day when participating shops across North America and around the world give away the world’s most popular art form – comics – absolutely free.

You can get your fill at Criminal Records in L5P.

you lucky, lucky people.

You have no idea.

Jim Lauderdale. Eddie’s Attic. May 13th.

Jim Lauderdale, for those of you looking at me blankly, is one of the most interesting singer-songwriters working in bluegrass today. If you haven’t heard “It’s a Trap,” off his album The Hummingbirds, you have truly missed out.

If you still don’t believe me, call the nice people at WDVX, broadcasting out of east Tennessee, and ask them. They’ve got him playing at their annual CamperFest at the end of May, and since I will be out of town (sob! gnashing of teeth! pulling of hair!) on May 13th I may well go all the way to east-of-Knoxville just to see Jim Lauderdale in action. But you, good people, do not have to.

Folks, look at it this way: the last time I told you not to miss a concert upon pain of doom, it was Guitar Wolf at The Earl, and after that show Guitar Wolf flew home to Tokyo, and less than a week later Bass Wolf was tragically dead of a heart attack and the band’s future permanently in doubt. So listen to your metroblogger, and go.

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