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#29 with a bullet

According to Skyline Ranking, Atlanta has the 29th best skyline in the world. They have a mathematical formula for determining the rankings and what seems like a solid methodology.

This listing ranks cities by the visual impact of their skylines. It is drawn entirely from statistics in this website’s database, and reflects only completed high-rise buildings as defined by the Emporis Data Committee (EDC). This calculation does not include TV towers, masts, bridges, or other structures.

About the formula: Each building is assigned points based on its floor count (see the table to the right). The point total for each city is calculated automatically and displayed.

Points per Building
12..19 floors = 1 point
20..29 floors = 5 points
30..39 floors = 25 points
40..49 floors = 50 points
50..59 floors = 100 points
60..69 floors = 200 points
70..79 floors = 300 points
80..89 floors = 400 points
90..99 floors = 500 points
100+ floors = 600 points

Also, the individual city page has this to say about Atlanta:

The skyline is truly unique, stretching in a straight line along Peachtree Street from Downtown all the way to the tallest suburban building in the U.S., in Sandy Springs.

So even the suburbs gets some attention when ranking Atlanta. How could they not?

Just so you know, Atlanta ranks 7th among US cities, in rank order: New York, Chicago, Houston, Honolulu, Los Angeles and Dallas. We’re ahead of San Francisco, Philadelphia, Seattle and Boston, the other US cities in the top 50.

Go Atlanta!

the news gets worse

Since when did this become The City Full of Dangerous Ex-Boyfriends?

This morning I saw a “Child Abduction Alert” posted on Peachtree Industrial and thought, “Ah, damn.” Turns out it was far worse than I originally imagined: one Terrance McDowell forced his way into his ex-girlfriend’s Clayton home, raped her at gunpoint, shot her father eight times, abducted her two kids (one of which was his) and fled in a green ’98 Kia Sephia, tag ARL 5783.

At the risk of taking over the true-crime slot from Steve H, I have to say: Christ Almighty. The two kids are 4 and 5 and the ex-girlfriend is 20 (according to the AJC; the 11Alive report is slightly more muddled) and most likely having the worst day of her entire life. If you’re the praying kind, pray for her and those kids.

But good Lord, people. First Brian Nichols (originally on trial for raping his ex) and now this. What is with these men? There are plenty of Atlanta men — black, white, and otherwise — who, upon suffering a breakup, go out drinking with their friends, throw darts at the ex’s picture, listen to George Strait, and otherwise handle it in healthy and appropriate ways. Why do we seem to be having an onslaught of murderous fuckheads?

I feel obligated to include this link and this link.

Update: The kids have been found safely in North Carolina, thank God.

Fat Louie’s

It’s near Tech and it’s been open for about 6 months now, but I just last night made my way over to Fat Louie’s to try it out. It’s located on Marietta Street near Octane. I walked in and immediately it reminded me of this joint about a block away from where I used to live in Chicago – and that’s the point of it. It’s Chicago through and through. Chicago Italian Beef. Chicago Hot Dogs. And what I’ve always called Chicago-style hamburgers (though that doesn’t really exist). I had the burger and thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was a little expensive, but with the coupons in the Technique (and every receipt has a coupon for $1 off next time), it was well worth it. Quick, unassuming, good food, and it’s in a cool/growing area of town. The ambiance was nice and it’s got a nice patio which should be great for the summer. What more could you want in a burger joint?

Here’s the menu for Fat Louie’s.

Paying at the Pump

Prices of gas are soaring, and officials say it’s not going to get any better. Prices are up because of crude oil costs, which soared to almost $58 a barrel last week. Those costs account for half of consumer gas prices.

According to the New York Times:

The Energy Department’s analytical arm says the pump price will climb above $2.15 a gallon later this spring. When adjusted for inflation, the most expensive gasoline was $3.08 a gallon in March 1981, according to the agency.

Despite these rising prices, Atlanta prices are still averages ten cents less per gallon than the national average (although I’m still seriously thinking it’s time to get on the Prius waiting list!).

Average Unleaded Prices Per Gallon
Atlanta Today: 2.008
US Today: 2.106
Atlanta One Week Ago: 1.954
US One Week Ago: 2.050

Atlanta Rocks

I was browsing through this week’s Creative Loafing and noticed all of the great shows coming through town this spring, so I made a cheat-sheet of the one’s you shouldn’t miss. Oh, and if anyone is heading to Interpol tonight at the Tabernacle, I’ll see you there.

March 22 – Crooked Fingers @ The Earl (9 pm)
March 23 – The Hold Steady @ The Earl (10 pm)
March 24 – The French Kicks @ The Earl (9 pm)
April 13 – Iron & Wine @ Variety Playhouse (9 pm)
May 3 – The Shins @ Variety Playhouse (8 pm)
May 9 – The Decemberists @ Variety Playhouse (8:30 pm)
May 10 – British Sea Power @ The Earl
June 10-12 – Music Midtown featuring The White Stripes, Loretta Lynn, The Pixies, The Killers, Louis XIV, Interpol, and more

Georgia’s Digital Library

Georgia history buffs will love this site – The Digital Library of Georgia. It’s been around for a while, but I’m just now discovering it. Particularly fun (for me, at least) was the Aerial Photographs, dating back to 1938.

Too bad

So I was at Moe’s and Joe’s all ready to watch our Yellow Jackets move along to the Sweet 16, when the train wreck that was yesterday’s game happened. Louisville looked excellent. And Tech looked horrible. The really sad part is knowing that the starters on Tech are 4 Seniors and Jarret Jack (who has a good chance of going pro this year), so a return next year is very very very very unlikely.

Kendall goes to NASCAR


Howdy y’all.

I’m heading on down to Atlanta Motor Speedway for the Golden Corral 500!

This is my 1st time at a NASCAR event and only my 2nd time seeing a race – any hints on what to expect?

I’ve already decided to root for Michael Waltrip and ‘Joonyur’ and to boo whenever Jeff Gordon zooms by.

Anything else?

Cartoon Cartoons!

The Animation Show is here! Produced by Mike Judge and Don Hertzfeldt, the touring festival of animated shorts opens today at the Midtown Arts Cinema.

If you’ve seen King of the Hill, or watched Office Space, then you know Mike Judge. And if “My spoon is too BIG!” means something to you, then you know Don Hertzfeldt.


If not, you really should.

from the Department of Stupid Legislation

So Kathy Cox, schools superintendent, decides she wants to make sure that high school kids have to get their parents’ permission in writing before joining a gay & lesbian students’ club. Only, she can’t single out gay & lesbian students’ club. So the proposal before the State Board of Education is to make students get parental permission before joining any club.

Give this some thought. My senior year of high school I was on Math Team, on the yearbook, in the French Club, and every so often showed up at Model UN meetings, and considered myself less busy than many of my friends. Think about the sheer amount of paperwork this will involve for parents, teachers, and kids alike.

Here is a list of State Board of Education members, should you feel the need to express how absurdly ridiculous this would be.

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