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When I moved to Atlanta, the first thing I noticed was that my ears would pop often throughout the day while driving. I told a couple of natives, but they never had an explanation. In fact, no one had any idea why they kept popping.

After doing a bit of research, I suprisingly found that Atlanta, at more than 1000 feet above sea level, ranks second in altitude only to Denver among major American cities. That’s a big change from Orlando’s 106 feet.

So there, I WASN’T crazy.

What to do

I’m a little torn about tonight. On the one hand, there is the Tech vs. Duke game. An almost must win for Tech (to be more secure in a tourney bid) and a important game for Duke (if it still wants a shot at the ACC title). On the other hand there is Art Safari’s Evening with Picasso and as much as I like to support the arts, I always feel bad when I don’t go to cool events like this.

Right now, I’m leaning towards the Tech-Duke game (hey! It is Tech and Duke), but my Outlook says Arts Safari and I don’t really want to make it mad because it has all of my e-mails on it…

[Update: 1:17 p.m.]
There is also Wednesday Night Drinking Club at Dantanna’s (has free wifi).
I’m settling on Tech-Duke though. Should be a good game and, unlike Lori, I like both Tech and Duke so I can root for both teams.

Sunday on Tuesday

The thing about the Sunday Paper is that if you’ve ever wanted to eat only salad for an entire week, they’ve got the info on that.

And if you’ve wanted to read the weekly installments of The Amazing Spiderman, they’ve got that too.

And, of course, I’ve been dying to hear Ashley Olson’s views on the First Amendment.

I tease, but I actually like Altanta’s selection of alt-weeklies. Read them in whole and they do a wonderful job of covering the goings-on in the city on a more irreverent level than the AJC (better than radio stations also – this morning I was listening to 94.1 – I think – and they announced that Lenny Kravitz tickets were going on sale on Saturday. Only seconds later, they had to backtrack. Kravitz tickets went on sale this past Saturday and there are no more left).

And they’re absolutely perfect for wasting time in a bar/coffeeshop when you ought to be working.

Get Your ‘Aoke On

Growing up half-Asian exposed me to a lot of Eastern culture, including the ever-present past time of karaoke. Walk into my mom’s family room and you’ll find the VCD player, three microphones, and a collection of Celine Dion cds in Mandarin. And that isn’t even as funny as watching her “perform.” So if you were one of the many unlucky folks who did not have the day off today, you’re salvation is here. The best way to solve a case of the Mondays is a night of hilarious karaoke.

10 High’s Metal-Some Mondays offer rock karaoke accompanied by a live hair band ($4). L5P’s Star Bar also offers 15 Minutes of Fame, an anything-goes competition starting at 10 p.m. (no cover). Go ahead and belt out those tunes or just be a spectator (you can’t possibly be worse than my mother). Just no Celine, please.

Beer Mourning

I went to a show at The Fox last night (Hairspray) that was altogether fabulous, but it just wasn’t the same without a Dogwood Pale Ale to enjoy during the performance. Ever since Dogwood Brewing Company closed their doors and the faux-branch tap handles were taken out of The Fox my theatre experience hasn’t been the same. Bass Ale is good but there’s something special about a local microbrewer serving beer at an Atlanta landmark. I wonder if Sweetwater would consider filling the void?

Things you find out about when you’ve left town for the weekend

Guess what? Obama is in town tonight

Unrelatedly (seriously), so is the circus.

The closing of Corner CD is saddening, if only because now the only really good music stores I know about in the city is Tower Records and, I suppose, Criminal Records. Corner CD was in walking distance though! Anybody know of any others? I’d hate to be relegated to going to Best Buy for my music needs…

Dunk Champion Josh Smith

The Atlanta Hawks’ rookie forward Josh Smith walked away as the Sprite Rising Stars Slam Dunk champion this evening at the NBA All-Star weekend in Denver. Smith scored a perfect 50 on 3 of his 4 dunks and donned the jersey of former Hawk and dunk champion Dominique Wilkins in the finals.

Smith, a southpaw, displayed the athleticism that has made him a crowd favorite (albeit a small crowd) at Philips Arena. “J-Smoove”, as he is called, out-dunked Amare Stoudemire of the Phoenix Suns to capture the title and completely captivate the crowd at the Pepsi Center in Denver.

Not since Vince Carter has a player displayed the hang-time and verticality that Josh Smith did tonight. We should be proud to have such an enormous talent as a member of the Hawks (hopefully) for years to come. Congratulations, Josh, the new human highlight film.


UPDATE: I failed to mention it last night, but Josh attended McEachern High School in Powder Springs, GA until his Senior season when he transferred to NBA factory, Oak Hill Academy. So it’s especially cool to see a metro-Atlanta kid, playing for his hometown team, honoring ‘Nique and jamming like a madman.

Alternative Fur

Atlanta native and comedian David Cross, known for his roles on Mr. Show and as Dr. Tobias F√ľnke on Arrested Development, has teamed up with animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA) to campaign against fur.

Instead of donning a fur coat, Cross is pictured on a runway modeling his own brand of fur. You can get your poster-sized edition for your cubicle here.

Now that’s the way to get your point across.

The last post on Atlanta traffic you’ll ever need to read

Alex Vernon writes the definitive post on the psychology of Atlanta drivers today. Short, sweet and pithy.

Corner No More

One of my favorite haunts during my all too brief tenure as a Va-Hi resident was the always friendly, always accommodating, always on-top-of-it-all Corner CD. No shop in town has a finer listening area or a more pleasing array of albums to sample. Their used CD section, however small, is always a rich mine of waiting gems. And the staff was inobtrusive but aware, always willing and able to answer your musical questions without once looking down their nose in scorn at your purchase.

And next week, after 15 years of dedicated service to the community (and sweet detriment to many an audiophile’s wallet), Corner CD is closing up shop. According to the email sent to loyal customers, “The overall climate in this industry makes it impossible to continue on.” Everything is 25% off until next Sunday, February 26th, so go visit, give in to some “retail therapy” one more time and tell them thanks.

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