eBay, Baby!

Elisa Harp, a 21-year old Roswellian, is expecting. Her baby is due in March. In the meantime, this enterprising young woman has turned her pregnancy into a commercial venture. That’s right … through the magic of eBay, Ms Harp placed a virtual “The Space For Rent” on her abdomen. The highest bidder would then see an advertisement of their choosing (in henna) emblazoned across her belly. A bit odd, certainly, but not illegal.

However, Ms Harp’s winnings might have to be routed to a decent lawyer. It appears that the highest bidder was SunPoker.com … and Ms Harp decided to go with GoldenPalace.com instead. According to Ms Harp, “even if I was selling T-shirts or anything else on eBay, as a seller, I have the right to decide who I want to sell to.” SunPoker.com disagrees, and they’re suing.

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