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NFC Champions?

While driving my daughter to her daycare this morning, I waited to turn onto Spring Street. Coming our direction was an out-of-service MARTA bus whose scrolling message read thusly:


I don’t know whether to contact MARTA and tell them about the error, or congratulate them on their forward-thinking optimism about next year.

An open letter to those who did this


To whom it may concern:

Driving home yesterday I came across this monstrosity of an act and luckily had my camera ready to snap a picture. As a native Atlantan who had to take countless years of Georgia history throughout elementary and middle school, I have come to regard General William Tecumseh Sherman as somewhat akin to the Devil (or some other evil spirit that might sometimes inhabit the earth and adopt a scorched earth policy in war). Indoctrinated though I was, I have come to accept that some good things did come from Sherman’s march – it broke the back of the South and the burning allowed Atlanta to adopt the Phoenix as a symbol (and who doesn’t love a Phoenix? Side question: why aren’t the Hawks or Falcons called the Phoenixs? Was it a difficulty in pluralizing the word). But in the end, I suspect that Sherman could’ve won without driving Scarlett from her home. This sign, placed not more than 4 blocks (well, maybe 5) from the home of the beloved Atlanta writer Margaret Mitchell is somewhat disturbing. Sherman is the historical enemy of Atlanta. Do you think the ancient Athenians would want signs about Xerxes in their home town? Probably not.
Just chew on that for a while, why don’t you.

an Atlantan

So So Virgin?

“You gotta pay!” In a move that may someday haunt their accountants, Virgin Records has tapped Atlanta’s own Jermaine Dupri to head their new “Urban Music” division. As a result, Dupri’s So So Def recording label will be “folded” into the Virgin Records stable. What this will mean for the Dirty South scene is anyone’s guess, but I’m more concerned with the fate of that awesome contribution So So Def makes to the southern approach of our fine city.


Admit it. There is no better billboard. Anywhere.

Website Wars – The Corbins

Welcome to the worldwide web wars, where high-profile crimes are concerned. Local Atlanta news, specifically WAGA, Fox 5, just did a story on both Jennifer Corbin’s memorial site and the new site sponsored by Barton Corbin’s family,

Today it struck me, not for the first time, how so much information – events, such as certain crimes – has not made it on to the web yet. There is a strange cut-off point going backwards, around 1995, where researching subjects like the ones I cover at becomes a good deal more difficult. Old news stories are buried in online archives, usually services requiring pay, and some stories are completely neglected, unless an enterprising and vigilant family member gets a free geocities site and gets a photo and a testimony up there.

In 10 years that will most certainly no longer be a problem, though. Now, you can check out the victim’s memorial sites, often designed to emphasize the preciousness of the life lost – as they should be – and then go and see what the accused killer’s family has to say…

The running of the brides

I like the part in the video when they’re all running and screaming. (Quicktime video)

My officemate (who wants me to “put a blog out about this”) is curious as to what kind of discounts the women were getting at Filene’s Basement on the wedding dresses. Anybody know?

artsy-fartsy two

Jessica alerted me to this event (ATL[art]05), which I had never heard of but now really want to go, and now Creative Loafing has an article about it and other art opportunities in the city.

The auction is the grand finale and cherry on the effervescent art soda pop, ATLart[05], Jan. 26-Feb. 6, a coordinated event between 28 galleries and four museums in Atlanta.

The event is aimed at hooking up the often balkanized factions of the city’s art scene: You know, the Bill Hallman set at Lowe Gallery, and the thrift store set at Eyedrum. Every fall, at least the event marketers hope, the barriers of taste and cash will fall and everyone will remember why they’re all in this crazy business.

Because they failed math.

I mean, because they love art.

I’m pretty sure I won’t be buying anything (poor grad student, blah blah), but I’m definitely looking forward to it. Though, as Steve pointed out, Atlanta doesn’t have enough cultural activities in it, it does have more than you (or at least I) tend to think it does.

Number 5

Atlanta made number 5 on the list of Best Places to do Business.

Atlanta, with a recorded population of 4,386,000, ranked – per 100,000 residence like this:

#35 in Advanced Degrees
#44 in Cost of Doing Business (cost of labor, energy, taxes, office space)
#105 in Cost of Living (cost of housing, utilities, transportation, etc)
#75 in Crime Rate (crimes per 100,000 residents)
#22 in Culture and Leisure (number of museums, theaters, golf courses, sports teams and other activities)
#16 in Educational Attainment (share of population over 25 with a bachelor’s degree or higher)
#53 in Income Growth (5-year annualized figures)
#50 in Job Growth (5-year annualized figures)
#14 in Net Migration (5-year annualized figures)

Therefore, an overall of 5 in doing business.

That’s not too bad. The winners over us were:
Washington DC at #4
Austin, TX at #3
Raleigh-Durham, NC at #2
and the winner, Madison, WI at #1.

Madison, WI?. Okay.

To me, Atlanta has an opportunity in these areas:

Telecommuting. I just know that with all the fiber cable we put down for the Olympics, we should be able to zip high speed Internet into every home. Telecommuting should be rampant in ATL.

Transportation. Where does MARTA run? Few places anyone wants to go. More rail services for inside and outside I-285.

Culture. We are lacking in community cultural centers and events. One would think that with all the “old money” in this town we could build more museums and cultural centers all over the city.

Just wanted to fill you in on the stats.

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

Pre-game Predictions Post

Building from Daniel’s Game Day post, I’d like to start a predictions post. Let’s have a final score and Vick’s rushing yards. I don’t have any prizes to give away, but it ought to be fun nonetheless.

ATL 20 – PHI 17 & Vick gains 87 yards on the ground

Leave your predictions in the comments or trackback your predictions post.

UPDATE: I was wrong. Terribly, TERRRIBLY wrong. Congratulations, Eagles on your win and congratulations Falcons on a great season that ended one game too soon.

Game day

Maybe it’s just me, but Arthur Blank looks absolutely ridiculous in his “Rocky” gear on the cover of the Falcons Game Day section of the AJC today. (can’t find the photo online)

Go Falcons!!!

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