This Weekend on the Town

There are some pretty cool cultural and just plain hip things going on in the city this weekend.
Friday night, there’s the return of Martinis & IMAX at Fernbank. The show is “The Greatest Places” which takes you on “an educational journey to seven of the most geographically dynamic locations on Earth.” Hmmm…
If that’s not really your bag, Electra (in Buckhead) goes old school with “disco, 80s and funky old school remixes” on Friday night. And who doesn’t love that combination of music? Speaking of the 80s, can someone tell me why there hasn’t been a retro-fashion re-emergence of Members Only jackets? Perhaps this is a trend that ought to be restarted…

Saturday night, the High is playing the Dutch film “The South.” It’s supposed to be pretty amazing, so it is highly recommended, but it has subtitles so if you are adverse to reading while watching a movie then I suggest staying away. Hey, but remember, there are only two more weekends to see the Mondrian to Van Gogh exhibit. I’ve been three times and suggest definitely doing the audio tour. They insist on calling pronouncing Van Gogh’s name “Van Hogh” which may be correct, but it still sounds a little odd.
Also, if you didn’t get your fill of 80s music at Electra on Friday night (and, let’s be honest, you can never have too much of The Cars), then The Peachtree Tavern is hosting “Read My Lips” an 80s cover band.
More family oriented, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast opens at the Fox. I had the pleasure of seeing this show on Broadway and absolutely loved it.
And, for all those sad Thrashers fan (yes, I know you are sooo numerous), The Gwinnett Gladiators host the Augusta Lynx in ECHL play. This is always fun and much less expensive than NHL games (and more existant).

If you are like me and you are still bitter over letting your friends talk you out of going to Halo on NYE (do the words “Chocolate Fountain” mean nothing to some people???) then you’re up for what looks like could be yet another fun weekend in Hotlanta (I can still call it that and be cool, right? I mean, I don’t have to call it A-T-L, right?)

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