Stray Bullets

I admit to always wondering what happens when the bullets come back down to Earth after people have fired them into the air. So I was delighted particularly interested when I saw this story on the news last night.

A second woman came forward Wednesday, saying she too had been struck by a stray bullet fired in the air by a reveler in Atlanta on New Year’s Eve.
Aimee Buff, a 27-year-old Delta Airlines ticket agent from Hampton, was hit by a bullet that passed through her left ear and lodged in her neck while she was celebrating the New Year with her fiancé.
Buff was at Underground Atlanta’s Peach Drop when she was shot — a few blocks from the Georgia Dome where another woman was hit in the leg Friday by a bullet that pierced the roof of the facility.
Buff’s injury marks the fifth time in the past five years that someone in Atlanta has been hit by a stray bullet during New Year’s celebrations.

Now, I don’t understand it, but far be it for me to knock those who think that firing a gun into the air is an act full of jubilance. But five times in the past five years seems like a lot to me. Apparently, twice a bullet has pierced the roof of the Georgia Dome on the way down and injured a fan watching the Peach Bowl! There’s just got to be a better way to show your excitement about the New Year, doesn’t there?
I mean, my NYE at Dark Horse definitely didn’t reach the level of gun-firing excitement, so maybe someone could explain this to me?

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