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love in the air, cars on the road

Over at one of the AJC blogs — seriously, that newspaper is sprouting blogs like mushrooms: you can see the all-blogs feed here — they’ve started a discussion of affordable Valentine’s Day trips.

V-Day is actually a Monday this year, and I’m not sure how many people would be able to take it off. I can’t; my boyfriend can’t. We’re discussing taking off to Chattanooga with another couple for the weekend but that may not pan out. (If you’re interested, the Chattanooga Area Convention and Visitors’ Bureau has links to all sorts of local hotels and B&Bs. Though I give this link with trepidation. Y’all, don’t book up all the pretty Chattanooga B&Bs, okay?)

But since a number of factors may conspire against us — weather, lack of access to funds, etc. — I am definitely interested in hearing about other things to do for Valentine’s weekend, inside and outside Atlanta.

More Iced City Pictures

These are from a friend of mine.

The Iced City

I went out for a walk around the neighborhood and took some pictures of the “carnage.” As it looks to me, the main roads are fine (but DRIVE SLOWLY). Some of the stores are open, but in all honesty, On Demand is calling me… it’s cold outside! Click on the pics for larger versions.

Oh, not that anyone is counting, but Taco Mac (at least the one in Va-Hi) has free wireless internet.

Snow Day.JPG
Snow Day (1).JPG
Snow Day (2).JPG
Snow Day (3).JPG
Snow Day (4).JPG
Snow Day (5).JPG
Snow Day (6).JPG

La La Land…

Photo: AP

So, you wanna dance?

You wanna get loose?

You wanna fly?

You want a little C?

F**k that!

This is not a fun and games drug. It can kick your ass.

Meth use explodes in cities
‘You can’t just dabble in crystal meth’

In the Atlanta area, methamphetamine users account for the fastest-growing segment of addicts seeking treatment. Rehabilitation centers there are seeing an uptick in the number of women meth addicts, while officials in Minneapolis-St. Paul say they’re treating an alarming number of meth users younger than 18.

Full story from

So, you’re looking for a little crystal action? cool? NOPE.

This is a real drug. It will addict you. It does not give a damn about you. It will control you.

If you know someone that has this addiction, they need help now. They need help before it’s too late. Help them seek it out because soon they won’t be able to do it themselves.

Pit Bulls. Death on the streets

Read it

Yep, now we have a Pit Bull bill put forth. There are a few people in Georgia I’d like to create a bill for too!




The weather is poised to get a little testy this weekend. It’s going to be very cold, very wet, and probably a little icy. But please, for the love of gawd, let’s try to maintain some semblance of civilization out there. How are 4 gallons of milk, 6 dozen eggs, and a wheelbarrow full of bread going to help you when/if your power goes out tonight or tomorrow?

It is not news that Atlantans don’t handle inclement weather with a notable amount of grace. In fact, one might say that upon the mere rumor of crystalized water somewhere in the atmosphere, Atlanta quickly devolves into a massive gaggle of barking jackasses. But who are these people who suddenly forget how to pilot their vehicles or who find themselves unable to survive on the groceries already in their cabinets? Because it’s not me, and you’d probably disagree if I pointed the finger at you.

Since it is unlikely that anyone will admit to being one of those guilty of overreacting, I would like to use this forum to request that the citizens of Atlanta use a little judgement this weekend. The freaking out over the bad weather is like clockwork. It happens the same way every time and it is almost always proven unjustified.

Everyone calm down. Everything is going to be fine.

the weekend has cometh

Keane is playing in a sold-out show at the Roxy tonight. If you were lucky enough to get tickets, I’m really really jealous. If you want to give them away and release the burden that they are upon you, just let me know and I will be glad to take them from you at no charge. Really, I will.

Also, you could go see Morgan Fairchild as seductress Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate at the Fox. You could also go to Martinis/Imax at Fernbank tonight if you really wanted to. But let’s be honest – there’s nothing better going on in the city tonight than the ATLart[05] city-wide gallery openings. Jessica gave the best sum-up of it:

the open-house night of ATL[art]05, when many of the local galleries throw their doors open until late into the night, put up cash bars, and serve crackers and grapes. I went last year, on a whim, and had a great time seeing the work of artists I wasn’t familiar with before. I went alone, but as you can imagine it also works as a great date or group night.

One suggestion: carpool, because parking on Bennett Street (and East Paces Ferry too, I’m guessing) will be, to say the least, limited.

Saturday has some different options. is having its Last Saturday Social event at Six in Buckhead. Also, if you’re into it (and who isn’t?) The Country Outlaws (a Hank and Waylon tribute band) are playing at the Peachtree Tavern. Finally, and this is particularly awesome, the Georgia Force opens their season in their new home of Philips Arena against the New Orleans VooDoo. Arena Football really is a lot of fun to watch and, like most non-major league sports, the fans at the game are in for a real treat.

Let me offer a suggestion on pre-going out coffeeshopping. If you’re near Midtown or Virginia-Highland, then I recommend JavaVino. Wonderful atmosphere (free wifi, of course) and a great selection of wines and coffees make this place a great pre-night stopover. If you get Christie as your server, then tell her that I sent you – she’s a good friend of mine.

The brilliant AJC

Groan. so the AJC has finally discovered that people in different regions of the country refer to carbonated beverages (gasp!) differently. Echoing what many a college freshman has discussed over the years when they discover that people actually come from different regions, the AJC has an entire article devoted to the subject.

A Coke is a Coke. Except when it isn’t.

And if it isn’t, you’re probably somewhere in the South.

In a seemingly homogenous place like the United States, there’s still nothing standard about what people in different parts of the country call soft drinks. In the South, it’s Coke or coke, to be generic even if you’re really asking for a Pepsi. In Minnesota, it’s pop. In Arizona, it’s soda.

Confused? For those who study linguistics, the whole thing is nothing short of fascinating. Academicians have studied soft drink terminology for decades, using nationwide surveys and, in recent years, questionnaires on the Internet. What they’ve found might surprise you.

No. It won’t. But here’s the real shocker that the AJC throws at us – when people move around they (gasp! again) adjust to the regional dialect.

Seriously, in what reality is the United States a “seemingly homogenous place”?

Is Justice Blind?

Consider this, 2 “Star” athletes facing jail time (no surprise there -eh?). One plead guilty to “cell phone to try to set up a drug deal”. He received 4 months jail time plus community service, time in a halfway house.

The other is facing first-degree vehicular homicide charges stemming from the accident in which another person died.

The latter has a deadline of Friday to reach an agreement with prosecutors or it will be going to trial.

Now Jamal Lewis … considering the heavier charges he was facing (conspiracy and drug possession charges) – I believe he did the right thing (admitting he did the wrong thing). I believe his punishment is not only fair and just – I believe it will definitely serve as a future deterrent for him and SOME of the youngsters who idolize him. Which – in the end – is what the justice system is supposed to be about, right?

Do you believe he received such a sweet deal because the gub’ment had a weak case OR because he is Jamal Lewis?

On to Dany Heatley … he was driving too fast down Lenox Road (who hasn’t done that?) … he had a beer (but he wasn’t drunk) … lost control of his ride, slammed into a brick wall, and killed his teammate.

Yes, it was a tragic accident.
Yes, the victim’s parents are asking for leniency.
Yes, Dany Heatley is going to have to live with the guilt of having killed his friend for the rest of his life (and beyond if you believe in that sorta thing!)

Does the relationship between Heatley and the victim negate ANY of his culpability with regards to the crime?

Surely, it was NOT his intent to kill anyone ..he was merely traveling down a dark, winding road at a high rate of speed after drinking … If he had been driving slower chances are – his friend would still be alive.

I’m anxious to see if the Justice system turns a blind eye to this case and sentences him as Dany Heatley OR Will the Justice system stand up and treat Heatley as it most certainly will treat this guy?

I guess we will see Friday, huh?

WNDC at Leopard Lounge

I’m not going to be there (I know, but please don’t cry. It could still possibly be fun), but Wednesday Night Drinking Club is at Leopard Lounge tonight. A portion of proceeds go to the Tsunami Relief.

Now, if you’ve never been to Leopard Lounge, let me describe it through a mental experiment for you. Look at the room you are in right now. Now, picture everything that can be covered by anything as being covered by leopard print fabric. that chair you’re sitting in – leopard print. Your desk – leopard print. Your door – leopard print. Your boss who just walked by – leopard print. Seriously.

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