Corbin/Beebe Updates

Most recent developments in the possible murder of Atlanta-area resident Jennifer Corbin and the possibility her husband, dentist Barton Corbin, was the assailant:

(Statistics from the National Institute of Mental Health’s Suicide Facts and Statistics page.)

Leslie Beebe’s disappearance caught my attention early in December – then she was found dead after 7 days in her car. Leslie was a Roswell, GA resident, as am I, and had disappeared on or about the 14th from an Alpharetta bar.

Today I found an article from a newspaper in New York state – her former state of residence according to the article – stating her death is suspicious. Peculiarly, though it said there was evidence of trauma on her neck, this was not the cause of death. That could mean no arterial ruptures or broken hyoid bone. The police and family are keeping very mum about it.

Which means, possibly, that they aren’t looking too much further than Leslie’s sphere of acquaintances and/or relations. That’s just what occurs to me, anyway. Either way, there is something strangely muted about the coverage of this – I feel, personally, the press should pay more attention. Disappearances of women with decent jobs who live in low-crime areas just don’t happen everyday. Leslie would be called, in profiling parlance, a ‘low-risk’ victim.

Either way, as a man who worries about his own sister who works in healthcare, and is possibly a higher-risk sort of person than Leslie was, every day, and as someone who lost a brother to a handgun, I pray for both families.

After reading too many stories like these I find it good to decompress and watch something like Napoleon Dynamite. Not the new movie version of Salem’s Lot, starring Rob Lowe, that I watched last night. Pretty damned scary as made-for-tv movies go – not decompression material. What can I say, our new DVD player rocks.

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