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National Geographic Channel Finds Hogzilla in GEORGIA!

ALAPAHA, Ga. – The legend of Hogzilla, the prodigious porker that was supposedly shot on a nearby plantation, will be featured in a spring episode on the National Geographic Channel.

Since rumors of the hog’s existence began spreading in June, newspapers around the world have carried stories on the half-ton beast that supposedly had 9-inch tusks and measured 12 feet long.

Hogzilla has created quite a stir in the hearts of people in Alapaha, a town of 186 people 125 miles south of Macon.

Holyoak said Monday that the National Geographic crew wore respirators while they worked with Hogzilla’s remains.

“It looked like a dead hog,” he said. “It had been in there five months, so it didn’t smell good either.

“They spent a solid week digging him up, measuring and sampling,” Holyoak said. “They don’t want to do a documentary unless it’s 100 percent accurate.”

To find out more about hogs, the news team suggests these fine internet sites.

Hogzilla Information Page
Bush Hogs
Harley-Davidson Hog
How To Cook A Hog
Australian Pig and Hog Hunting Rave (with photos)
The Worlds Smallest Hog
Hog Poetry

Siempre Contigo

I rode the #2 Marta bus this morning. Yes, I broke my own personal boycott of MARTA and took the bus. That is what I get for spending an extra 10 minutes at home to watch a Today Show segment about a grandma going to Iraq.

So I’m on the bus, look up, and see these new TV screens. They play commercials and advertise the “good” Marta is doing. My favorite commercial was the one for a health center who’s motto was “Siempre Contigo” – which means: always with you in Spanish. Interestingly enough, now my advertisements are always with me. I wonder if I can sue Marta for putting the screens so close to people? Kidding…

It’s Ian’s Fault! (smile)

In reference to Ian’s post, I spent my Wednesday losing my hearing and people watching. To that end, Stevie asks the question: Did I actually have an acute “generation gap” experience?

I had to shoot a music video Wednesday night with a live band in Buckhead. I won’t mention the bar to protect the guilty, (grin). Anyway, I’m in there with all the video stuff and I can’t drink anything because I’m “on the clock”. The band was way too loud and therefore, I could not hear anything the rest of this week.

Well along about midnight, this place is packed with the college crowd and they are just Drinkín like Lincoln on crack and dancing and falling on the floor and walking around with blank stares on their faces. So, between set’s, I’m am wondering to myself, “did I act like this when I was young”?

SUDDENLY, the acute attack happened. I used the phrase “when I was youngî! Holy Shinleaf! (I couldnít find Shinola in spell check) What did I just say? ìWhen I was young?î

So anyway, I am looking at all these youngíuns and thinking I really am disconnected from this crowd. I bet we have nothing in common. I bet I canít name one band they listen to.

So, of course, I called my press agent, put my car radio on 99x and looked to see if I had any wrinkles on my face.

Officially, Iím 29 but, Iím actually ((1.5*2)*(100/10))+10. However, if you convert it to Kelvin, I donít look a day over ñ400.7 Fahrenheit.

So, to all of Hotlanta, et al., have you ever had an acute episode of ìgeneration gapî syndrome? Because I want to know when it really happens. Of course, I know the stock answer is, ìItís just a frame of mindî, but I need to know if I should tell my agent to raise my official age to 29.5.

Plus, please help me find the best places in Atlanta to go and “be young”. I am compiling a list and checking it twice. I’ll have to post the results here. The other side of the coin is, of course, where does one go in Atlanta to eat, drink, dance when you’re old? I don’t know anything about that, (grin).

Signed, Confused and Aging.

Yo, what up?

Hey guys it’s the weekend!

..What am I up too? I have some traveling to do and that makes a pretty full weekend!!! What are the rest of us metrobloggers up too? Matter of fact what have you been up too for the past couple of days?


Ah, just work as usual. Went and played some darts with some friends last night. Apparently Sweetwater bar and grill is a huge place to play…so if you like darts skip on down one night. I think they have a league night on Mondays…But I don’t think they have a website. Sorry…

Thanksgiving in Atlanta

Breaking from tradition … Kendall will NOT be heading north for the Holidays (don’t tell my motha!)
I am also not preparing any type of T-giving meal (don’t tell grandma!).

I’m so grateful for everything I’ve been blessed with and worked hard for AND I don’t have my family to dote on – I almost NEED to help out someone less fortunate.

So ATLANTA … if you know of any organizations out there that can use a couple extra hands, and an open heart – let me know!

Georgia’s most dangerous intersections

1. Marietta
Johnson Ferry Road NE & Roswell Road NE

2. Atlanta
Piedmont Road NE & Monroe Road NE

3. Sandy Springs
Abernathy Road NW & Roswell Road NE

4. Duluth
Medlock Bridge Road & State Bridge Road

5. Atlanta
Briarcliff Road NE & North Druid Hills Road NE

* State Farm Danger Index

* The State Farm Danger Index is determined by the number of crashes at various intersections, how many of those crashes involved injury and the severity of those crashes. It is adjusted to account for the percentage of vehicles insured by State Farm in areas where the intersections are located.

So, why did my rates go up as I never drive through these intersections?

times when I wish I could clone myself

. . . like tomorrow night, when Matthew Sweet is playing at Variety Playhouse and Captured! By Robots goes on at The Earl.


Wednesday night

Speaking of WiFi (yes, I know, no one was speaking of WiFi, but I always am, so…), the people who brought us 3rd Wave Hotspots are changing their name and having a party to celebrate. On Wednesday night, Ripple ITis having a party at MidCity Cafe from 6-9 pm. MidCity Cafe is, of course, a 3rd Wave Hotspot, so bring your wireless. Also, close by is Loca Luna, which happens to be the site of this month’s WNDC event ($5 at door – proceeds benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society). So you could make an entire night of it, if you were so inclined…

Oliver! must die!

My wife, Jenn, and I have season tickets to Broadway in Atlanta at the Fox. Most of the time this doesn’t pose a problem. The exception to this rule was last night’s hideous performance of Oliver! That’s a little harsh, I admit, but watching a bunch of kids try to pull off English accents for the better part of two hours would make anyone cranky.

I guess I just have a problem with any retelling of a Dickens story that cheers up forced casket-sleeping, brutal murder, child thievery or malnutrition with a numbers about “Food, Glorious Food” and “You’ve Got to Pick a Pocket or Two”. Guh! Color me unimpressed.

The performances were all fine (save the “urchins”), but I’m just jaded about the perversion of the source material. I guess I should have known better.

Still, though, I can’t help but think that I’d feel better if I beat the tar out of Haley Joel Osment. Maybe if we discouraged impish behavior in child actors, we might all be spared a night at the theatre like I had last night.

Miscellany from yesterday

I meant to write this yesterday (that would have actually made sense), but didn’t get the chance so here it is today.

Reading the AJC in print is becoming a rarer event for me, but I try to on the weekends. Saturday brings some interesting news. First, from the front section is the news that more Georgia Dems have switched to the GOP – increasing the Repub margin in the house. I never like when pols do this right after an election because they take one party’s money and support system to win and then don’t help them out at all. But that’s, like, the least interesting part of the paper. If we turn to the Living section (because, you know, the comics are there), we get to see that there is another Eatzi’s here in Atlantaland! This one just opened up at Park Place mall. I love Eatzi’s. I liked the cover page of the special “College Game Day” section – UGA as Mr. Incredible – but the results of the game (Auburn thrashing the Dawgs) just didn’t live up to the image… The Hawks won their first game though! Yay! Atlanta no longer has the worst NBA team in the league (well, in fairness, we were tied for worst)!

Today, I’m told that the paper is starting a 3-part story on quarter life crises. I’m almost exactly at my quarter life, so I’m eagerly awaiting it. Oh, and remember, no matter how much the choices that we make in the voting booth divide us, it’s just about as much as our love-hate relationship with celebrities unites us. Red state, blue state, whatever. We can all agree that Nick should not have been hanging out with strippers – right?

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