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I meant to write this yesterday (that would have actually made sense), but didn’t get the chance so here it is today.

Reading the AJC in print is becoming a rarer event for me, but I try to on the weekends. Saturday brings some interesting news. First, from the front section is the news that more Georgia Dems have switched to the GOP – increasing the Repub margin in the house. I never like when pols do this right after an election because they take one party’s money and support system to win and then don’t help them out at all. But that’s, like, the least interesting part of the paper. If we turn to the Living section (because, you know, the comics are there), we get to see that there is another Eatzi’s here in Atlantaland! This one just opened up at Park Place mall. I love Eatzi’s. I liked the cover page of the special “College Game Day” section – UGA as Mr. Incredible – but the results of the game (Auburn thrashing the Dawgs) just didn’t live up to the image… The Hawks won their first game though! Yay! Atlanta no longer has the worst NBA team in the league (well, in fairness, we were tied for worst)!

Today, I’m told that the paper is starting a 3-part story on quarter life crises. I’m almost exactly at my quarter life, so I’m eagerly awaiting it. Oh, and remember, no matter how much the choices that we make in the voting booth divide us, it’s just about as much as our love-hate relationship with celebrities unites us. Red state, blue state, whatever. We can all agree that Nick should not have been hanging out with strippers – right?

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  1. Russell (unregistered) on November 15th, 2004 @ 8:33 pm

    Ha! I keep answering surveys, and they keep putting me in the paper. My name is the first to pop up in part two of the quarter life crisis series.

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