My Morning Commute

The front door opened by my hand and I stepped into the breezeway. I was welcomed by the sound of rain and a fog lingering in the scene before me. I remember thinking what a miserable day to be going to work, but hey it’s Friday. I got to my car unlocked the door and turned the ignition on.

Pulling out of the neighborhood I knew traffic was going to be horrible. Turning my hour long commute into an hour and a half. Hey I am used to it so I started my journey. When I started to near the end of the street I was right Traffic was backed up from the light. Inching forward I came within two and a half lights distance from the end. On my right just behind me was an entrance to another neighborhood. On my left was a gas station.

Sitting there day dreaming about god only knows what. I hear the car coming in the opposite direction honking it’s horn and trying to stop. At that moment I look in my side view mirror and see a car turning left into on coming traffic from the neighborhood on the right. I spin to look back and as I do I see the little white car coming down the road slam into the car turning left.

The car spun all the way around and I watched the back right tire buckle. The world seemed to stop as the two cars settled into their final resting place. The two guys from the car that just got hit jumped out and where acting hurt. The driver of the little white car didn’t move.

I’m not to sure what became of all that this morning, because when I looked back the light was green.

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