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I’m Back Part Deux, Mora for President

Greetings all,
I’m back – I’ve officially moved OUT of the Highlands (sniffle, sniffle) …I’m only a stones’ throw away from the Va-Hi …maybe it’s UNINCORPORATED Va-Hi…yeah that’s the ticket!

In any case, on the ride home to Uni-Va-Hi listening to 680 The Fan.. They played audio clips from the Falcons’ press conference. Coach Mora was giving out the LEAGUE mandated injury report when things got a little heated! Turns out the Falcons’ DT Coleman took his Escalade out and tapped a tree or SOMETHING … he ended up not playing in the game vs. San Diego … He’s banged up enough to have surgery – ouch!

The thing that has me cracking up is the media’s portrayal of this whole story. Painting Mora as evasive, even accusing the organization of having something to hide. There was one particularly comical exchange between Mora and the AJC Falcon’s beat reporter Matt Winklejohn (real name) … Apparently, name calling and whining are inline with the AJC’s code of ethics?
It seems to be in the Falcons’ best interests to keep certain information OUT of the media… ya know kinda have a strategic advantage over their opponents? God Forbid…

Mora for President – this dude refuses to be intimidated – I LOVE IT!

Support Leukemia and Lymphoma society and party at Compound

Who could pass up such a deal? Compound is one of my favorite Atlanta club/bars and tonight it plays host to the Wednesday Night Drinking Club‘s monthly party. For just $5 (a portion of which goes to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society), you gain entry into one of Atlanta’s premiere clubs (and it’s not in Buckhead, so you get to go somewhere new…). It starts at 7, so you can get there early and still get a good amount of sleep in.

We are also informed that game 7 of the Yankees vs. Red Sox will be shown on 27 big screens tonight… Hmmm…

Just a suggestion…
(Here’s the official invite)

Advanced Voting

With all this early voting going on else where in the country, I just wanted to remind all of us Atlantans (or should I use the Outkast-friendly ATLiens?) that the State of Georgia does have Advanced Voting, where you can vote in person at the county voter registration office during normal business hours on the Monday through Friday of the week prior to an election. There’s a list of the places at the link above.

So, see? There’s absolutely no excuse.


Thanks to Fark I have discovered one of the University of Georgia’s most valuable course offerings, EVER.

As we all know that dreaded All Hallow’s Eve is approaching. That night when the restless dead walk the earth and come to your front porch, blank-eyed avarice behind latex masks, wearing non-flammable flimsy costumes bought at CVS, Kroger bags thrust out to drain you of your vital stores of candy-corns and bite-size 3 Musketeers.

Well, leave it to the Georgia University System to fund what surely must be the first course of it’s kind: Max Brooks’ Anti-Zombie Seminar! The link will take you to’s article detailing this major event in higher education.

I’m thinking this may open up a brave new world in academia. Finally the plague of the undead we’ve all been aware of for too long will no longer be able to eat our brains and pop up unbidden each time we go to the basement to check on the hot-water heater.

Gotta admire progress.

Atlanta Celebrates Photography

I’m downright dissapointed. Ok, I’m so suprised that no one has blogged about Atlanta Celebrates Photography yet! So I’ll be the first. But, we are now in the middle of Atlanta Celebrates photography. I can’t even begin to list all the events, but you can view them all here:Atlanta Clebrates Photography .

Tonight alone, there are three great openings around town:

In East Atlanta:
Opening: Fri., Oct. 15, 7-10 p.m.
Shine Work by Hollis Ellison, Meg Gural, LP McEachern, Heath Patterson, and Ninetta Violante. A group effort by selected Atlanta photographers in support of the up and coming East Atlanta¥s Inner Sanctum at 2040 Braeburn Circle.

In Midtown:
Women in Focus XI
Opening: Fri., Oct. 15, 7-10
Curated by Atlanta icon, Lucinda Bunnen, and featuring photographic work by Lucinda Bunnen, ìW.I.F. XIî samples a wide range of subjects and photographic styles by Atlanta area women at the semi-new Mason Murer

In Buckhead:
Hollywood Voyeur
Opening: Fri., Oct. 15, 7-10 p.m. Artist¥s Talk: Sat., Oct. 16, 1 p.m.
Work by Michael Childers at The Trinity Gallery

I’m still deciding which one to go to. Maybe I’ll see some of y’all there

Get Your Culture On, Already…

  • WHAT: An Evening of German Opera, with arias from operas by Mozart, Wagner, Weber…part of the Capitol City Opera’s Dinner and a Diva series
  • WHERE: Petite Auberge – “Atlanta’s Original French Restaurant” – 2935 North Druid Hills Road, in the Toco Hills Shopping Center.
  • WHEN: Tuesday, October 19th, 2004, at 6:30 p.m.
  • WHO: Now, who do you think at this point would bother to post this? Yep, me, as well as vocalists Winter Watson, Isabel Guenther, Quenby Millerossi, and Vernay Dabney, with pianist Todd Skrabanek.

You can go to Capitol City Opera’s website and click on the “Dinner and a Diva” link for further info, or call Petite Auberge at (404) 634-6268.

I’ll be performing an aria from Mozart’s Die Zauberflote, or, The Magic Flute, and arias from Wagner’s Die Meistersinger and Lohengrin.

I have never had anything less than an excellent meal at Petite Auberge, and the dinner does come with the Divas, or Divos, in my case. It’s always a great deal of fun for the dining audience and I have to say, if it hasn’t been a ball for me every time I’ve sung there so far I wouldn’t be posting this. And if you can’t make this one, the next one at that restaurant will be on November 16th. I’ll be singing The Pearlfishers Duet with my buddy, baritone Brent Davis. It’s one of the most beautiful operatic duets for men in the repertoire and I can’t wait to sing it with Brent.

Seriously, it’s not just that I’m in it – I believe in supporting Capitol City Opera, and I believe it’s a unique opportunity for a Tuesday night in Atlanta. It’s less expensive than a ticket to an Atlanta Opera Production – though I am certainly not about to recommend you do one or the other, both companies need your support – but this is a great way to be introduced to live operatic performance, in a relatively informal yet elegant setting.

And you’ll get to see that I’m even more obnoxious in person.

damn those jets!

No, I’m not talking about the New York football team (although they have been killing my fantasy team this season). I’m talking about the jets that fly overhead. If you live in the Smyrna area like I do, you see what I’m talking about close up as the jets arrive and depart Dobbins Air Reserve Base at all hours of the day.

Why am I angry with these aircraft? (Besides the fact that they consistently wake my one-year-old every time she goes down for a nap, that is?) Apparently, cirrus clouds caused by aircraft contrails could be contributing to global warming. How uncool is that?

Check out the Astronomy Picture of the Day from NASA’s site to see a Georgia scarred with such contrails. How horrid!

What can we do to avert this potentially apocalyptic catastrophe? I suggest we ignore it and hope it goes away. Or maybe we make a fantastical machine that teleports people over long distances (in one piece), so we don’t have to fly anymore.

[Thanks to Boing Boing for breaking this scary story.]

Suicide and Atlanta

I just wanted to add my voice to Steve’s post regarding suicide. As a former Paramedic in Atlanta, I was called to suicide cases far too many times. Sometimes we got there in time to save a life, sometimes, no matter how fast we made the trip, it was too late.

Suicide is, indeed, a misunderstood thing. I can’t tell you the times I heard the words “I never knew he or she was so upset, I never knew this was going to happen”. And it’s true.

There are a number of suicide hotlines out there one can call for help. I happened upon one I had not seen before, recently, that I will call you attention to. The Trevor Project Geared mainly to gay and lesbian teens and young adults, the organization works to prevent suicide in this group of people. I’ve seen first hand, working as a Medic, just how prevalent this issue is but, it really came as no surprise to me. It’s a very important issue and one that is hard to talk about inside families, especially in the South.

This Fall, Georgians will be voting on same-sex unions. This post is not about that issue but, it is about understanding how young gay and lesbian people may perceive themselves in light of a passage. However, I urge you to think about the inner thoughts that may be going through the minds of your sons and daughters regardless of whether sexuality is an issue. Teens and young adults have far more on their mind than most suspect.

The one call that really got to me as a Paramedic was a suicide call for a young person. My friends, it’s not pleasant. I hope you’ll think about this no matter the issue at hand.

Walk Against Suicide

Though the event occurred yesterday in Midtown, I still felt I should direct your attention to this article in the AJC about the “Out of the Darkness” walk. If I had known beforehand I would have attended myself. Here’s a clip from the article to give you a summary of what this event’s about:

“…About 30,000 people a year kill themselves in the United States, and suicide attempts average about one a minute, said Bob Gebbia, director of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, based in New York. Suicide is the third-leading cause of death among teenagers and young adults and the second-leading cause among college students. Americans over 65 account for 20 percent of suicide deaths…”

The purpose of the event was twofold – to raise public awareness of the problem – and it is a problem – and to help remove the social stigma placed on this act.

Readers of my personal blog, which is linked below the entry, know that my brother, David Huff, committed suicide in August of 2000. His 45th birthday would have been Thursday of last week, October the 7th.

Suicide tears into the very heart of a family, it’s collective heart. It’s a rupture which is never fully repaired, it’s impact can cause ripples down through generations. Had I known about the event I linked above I would have also reminded you of it’s happening ceaselessly until yesterday.

I can only hope a few people read this, and the AJC article, and pay attention now, look for the next event like this in their community. Suicide is the by-product of a disease, and not a moral failing. It comes about when a brain that does not know it is disordered comes up with a solution that may seem rational to the thinker, but is in truth delusional. The mental illness(es) that can produce suicides, and suicide attempts, are controlled with medication and therapy.

So consider it a PSA, and do a guy a favor and at least think about it, and keep your eye out for opportunities to help whenever possible.

at Phipps

Phipps Plaza on a Saturday night is a great experience. Plenty of shopping I can not afford like Armani and Gucci. But the AMC is always fun. A few co-workers and I decided to catch the sneak peek of Team America: World Police. I was pretty hyped up and was expecting a lot out of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. I suppose I should have taken into account that it was made using puppets. While it did have a few expected and unexpected laughs, it turned out to be an hour and forty-five minutes puppet show. Most of the people that went liked it and I am sure that it will get good reviews. Go see it just don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

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