Halloween and Subway thoughts

I was at a Halloween party last night and thought I’d share my costume. Click on the thumbnail below for a peak (I’m the short guy on the right).

Sorry for my absence lately. I’ve been traveling around. Like Jessica, it’s been in cities that have a much better public transit system than Atlanta (Chicago and D.C.), though I must say that I’ve ridden Marta (particularly the Midtown Station – Airport stretch) more times in the past two weeks than I think I did in the previous two years. It really is a good, inexpensive way to get too and from the airport. I had friends drop me off, but just as easily, I could have parked at Lindbergh Station or somewhere and gone that way. My (not very useful) thoughts on subway systems are this : They’re wonderful, but can be depressing. My rides in Atlanta and Chicago spent a good portion of their time above ground, with sunlight and all the niceness that comes with it. In D.C., though, it was mostly underground and depressing. It’s bad enough that you’re crammed in a small car with a bunch of strangers, but to then not see the light for the entire trip?

I told you those thoughts wouldn’t be useful.

It’s good to be back in Atlanta, though having been away on business for two weeks has left me with more stuff to deal with than I have time for. I mean, I have Halloween parties to go to! There are a bunch tonight at different clubs and bars. Compound is having a pretty big one. WNDC is hosting Scary Party 4 at Masquerade – should be pretty good as their parties always are. And Spiral Entertainment is hosting Spiral-ween at Park Tavern. So put on your costume and head out!

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