The Dangedest Story of the Day

In my never-ending search for “things that make you go hmmm…” (insert a vid of 90’s flat-topped Arsenio Hall stroking chin and looking puzzled), I bring you the truly bizarre story of Beverly and, uh…Beverly.

See, it seems that while Beverly A was away gallavantin’ around Greece, eating feta cheese and drinking ouzo, Beverly B was traipsin’ through Bev A’s Douglasville neighborhood looking for new digs. Seeing a nice little unoccupied ranch dwelling, Bev B grabs up a shovel, whacks her way through a door or window – the article doesn’t say – and decides she’s found a new home.

To whit, she moves in a new washer & dryer set, her own doggie, starts putting up decorations and changing bills over to her name.

I wouldn’t s**t you, friends. Here’s a quote from the CNN story:

“…’In 28 years, I’ve never seen something this strange,’ (Sheriff’s Deputy Stan) Copeland said…”

So, while you’re warily eyeing the world outside your door for arsonists, serial rapists, and Jehovah’s witnesses, be alerted that there could be a Beverly whacking out the rear window right now and throwing her dirty laundry in, ready to squat to her heart’s content.

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