Walk Against Suicide

Though the event occurred yesterday in Midtown, I still felt I should direct your attention to this article in the AJC about the “Out of the Darkness” walk. If I had known beforehand I would have attended myself. Here’s a clip from the article to give you a summary of what this event’s about:

“…About 30,000 people a year kill themselves in the United States, and suicide attempts average about one a minute, said Bob Gebbia, director of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, based in New York. Suicide is the third-leading cause of death among teenagers and young adults and the second-leading cause among college students. Americans over 65 account for 20 percent of suicide deaths…”

The purpose of the event was twofold – to raise public awareness of the problem – and it is a problem – and to help remove the social stigma placed on this act.

Readers of my personal blog, which is linked below the entry, know that my brother, David Huff, committed suicide in August of 2000. His 45th birthday would have been Thursday of last week, October the 7th.

Suicide tears into the very heart of a family, it’s collective heart. It’s a rupture which is never fully repaired, it’s impact can cause ripples down through generations. Had I known about the event I linked above I would have also reminded you of it’s happening ceaselessly until yesterday.

I can only hope a few people read this, and the AJC article, and pay attention now, look for the next event like this in their community. Suicide is the by-product of a disease, and not a moral failing. It comes about when a brain that does not know it is disordered comes up with a solution that may seem rational to the thinker, but is in truth delusional. The mental illness(es) that can produce suicides, and suicide attempts, are controlled with medication and therapy.

So consider it a PSA, and do a guy a favor and at least think about it, and keep your eye out for opportunities to help whenever possible.

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