And so October Begins…

Positively the creepiest news story I’ve seen in years comes to us today from Columbus, Georgia, west of Atlanta, on the Alabama/Georgia state line. I found this link at Circe’s site, and Circe got it from pesky apostrophe.

I give you now the direct link to the newspaper article, and a snip from the same:

“…Stephanie said a black girl in a white dress started visiting her room when she was about 5 years old. The girl was friendly, but she told Stephanie a horrible story.

“She told me that somebody put her in the floor,” Stephanie said. “She said he had a mask on, and that he chopped her up. She didn’t know who the person was, because he had a mask on.”

Now, if that, or the story as a whole, don’t send some scuttling shivers up your spine and pop a goosepimple or three on your arm, there’s something wrong with you.

Linking you to a story from Columbus, Georgia might be stretching the ‘hyper-local’ charge that metroblogs are supposed to keep, but even if the tale takes place way over toward the ‘bammy line a story this chilling is still too close for me.

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