Caving In Atlanta

When I say, “Caving in Atlanta”, the first thing you think about is “Cave In, In Atlanta” aka “sink holes”! However, I am talking about “caving”, you know, Spelunking. Kick ass! In Atlanta there are only two options: Underground Atlanta and the Atlanta City Sewer System. Both are, well, NOT ON MY AGENDA.

This Wednesday (10-6-04), I’m going to check out Providence Canyon State Park, just south of Atlanta, near Columbus, Georgia.

I love to explore deep inside the Earth. I was going to be a Geologist but, decided I would rather play one on TV.

When you type in “caving Atlanta” in Google, you get a bunch of results. Near the top of the search results was Climax Caverns. Well, the first thing that came to mind was, “COOL, a new leather bar!” After intense research, (I clicked the link) I found that Climax Caverns did indeed exist and appears to have some very interesting formations. I may not make it down there on Wednesday’s trip but, I will put it on the agenda for another trip this year.

This pre-trip post is just to say that Georgia does have a lot of great outdoor life. You can go from the ocean to the mountain in just a half day drive, plus, there are several lakes that have lots to offer.

I will finish this post and report back with pictures from Providence Canyon in the next day or so! Plus, more Georgia travel stuff to come.

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