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The Medium

A unique set of performances is taking place tonight at the 14th Street Playhouse.

Capitol City Opera is performing two showings of Gian Carlo Menotti’s Pulitzer-Prize winning opera The Medium.

The opera is performed, and was written, in English, and of course the subject matter is suitably spooky. The cool thing is that Capitol City is doing a performance at 8 tonight, a pretty typical performance time, but then they’re also doing a midnight performance, with a different cast than the 8 p.m. performance.

Some friends of mine in the show include tenor Joshua Reiff, who is performing the mute role of Toby – I joked with him once that some people probably enjoy a tenor performing a non-singing, non-speaking role just on principle – and mezzo-soprano Laurie Swann, who has a beautifully rich voice and an elegant stage presence to match. That’s just a few of the fine singers assembled by music director Eric Smithey, stage director Michael Nutter, and Capitol City Opera founder, Donna Angel, to do this suspenseful, dark opera.

Go to the Capitol City Opera website for ticket information. It’s also one of the more affordable evenings of opera available.

See, I don’t just write about the stuff I do!

Halloween and Subway thoughts

I was at a Halloween party last night and thought I’d share my costume. Click on the thumbnail below for a peak (I’m the short guy on the right).

Sorry for my absence lately. I’ve been traveling around. Like Jessica, it’s been in cities that have a much better public transit system than Atlanta (Chicago and D.C.), though I must say that I’ve ridden Marta (particularly the Midtown Station – Airport stretch) more times in the past two weeks than I think I did in the previous two years. It really is a good, inexpensive way to get too and from the airport. I had friends drop me off, but just as easily, I could have parked at Lindbergh Station or somewhere and gone that way. My (not very useful) thoughts on subway systems are this : They’re wonderful, but can be depressing. My rides in Atlanta and Chicago spent a good portion of their time above ground, with sunlight and all the niceness that comes with it. In D.C., though, it was mostly underground and depressing. It’s bad enough that you’re crammed in a small car with a bunch of strangers, but to then not see the light for the entire trip?

I told you those thoughts wouldn’t be useful.

It’s good to be back in Atlanta, though having been away on business for two weeks has left me with more stuff to deal with than I have time for. I mean, I have Halloween parties to go to! There are a bunch tonight at different clubs and bars. Compound is having a pretty big one. WNDC is hosting Scary Party 4 at Masquerade – should be pretty good as their parties always are. And Spiral Entertainment is hosting Spiral-ween at Park Tavern. So put on your costume and head out!

Halloween Hookup

Have you ever heard of The Rejection Hotline? That’s the fake phone number you can give out to sketchy people so they don’t have your real number. When they call it, it gives them a sarcastic message that begins “This is not the person you were trying to reach…” (Yes, I know it’s sort of cruel. Hopefully, you heard of it through word of mouth–and not because someone gave you the number.)

Did you know that the creator of the Rejection Hotline is an Atlantan? My friend Jeff, an Emory grad who used to intern with me at Turner Broadcasting, started up the hotline a few years back. He’s had some pretty major success with it. He now has hotlines in over twenty cities, and they’re so popular that he’s finally getting some attention from major advertisers.

I’m not really writing this post to pump Jeff up, however. As a lifelong Red Sox fan, he’s jacked enough right now.

This is really meant to get the word out about a charity event Jeff is sponsoring. It’s called Halloween Hookup, and it’s tonight at Tijuana Garage & Front Page News in Little Five. For a small price, there will be a free appetizer buffet, drink and food specials, and a bunch of different costume contests for cool prizes. The best part is that a portion of the proceeds from the shindig will go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Good fun for a good cause. Everyone wins.

I have to confess, however, that I won’t be going. With a seven-month-pregnant wife, I’m banned from any location where alcohol flows freely and women in skimpy costumes frolic. (Although I keep telling my out-to-there wife that she could win the costume contest if she went as a slutty cheerleader, with lots of eyeliner and her belly sticking out of her cheerleading half-sweater).

While you hipsters get your schwerve on tonight, I’ll most likely be on the couch, watching the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre that I tivoed the other day. I’ll definitely be jealous, since Jeff’s parties are always packed with pretty people looking for love.

Anyway, click the links above for info on the Rejection Hotline, or to get more details on the party. And feel free to tell Jeff that you know me if you see him at the party. You may get lucky, and get something free out of it…

I remember a soldier sleeping next to me

So I haven’t been around lately. I was in New York for a few days, London for a few days (for work), and then Copenhagen for a few days (for vacation).

Since I am mildly obsessed with public transit, a few comments about Copenhagen (population 1 million) in comparison to Atlanta: the transit options are much, much better. The city has a geographic advantage over Atlanta — it’s pretty flat, so bicyclers have an easier time getting around. The street that runs through the middle of town, StrĖ†get, is pedestrian-only (and the place to shop). And there are about eight rail lines that lead to the suburbs, as well as a subway system where two of four planned lines have opened so far.

To add to the general transit friendliness, every summer the city puts out a few thousand (I think) bikes that anyone can ride for a 20DKK (about $3.50) deposit. I wobbled down the street on one of them, though I had to quit after a few blocks: the lack of hand brakes and the non-adjustable seat meant I had to tilt the bike to get it to stop.

Kendall Meeks saves Atlanta’s Feet! Film at 11

Authors’ Note: I know it seems as if all I do is complain about all things stupid in Atlanta. After this entry, I promise I’ll seek out something fantabulous to blog about …wish me luck on that!

So – headed out on Saturday night for a little live music at a – new to me – venue in Atlanta. My girls were all going, it was relatively close to UnVa-Hi and most important – We were going to see Mrs. Beautifully Human herself – Jilly from Philly – JILL SCOTT!!! Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was not able to make it to the Venue until 6:45ish – but it’s all good the doors had just opened – NO PROBLEMO.

Arrive at the venue, Dekalb Atlanta Centre (DAC) and realize that it is located smack dab in the middle of a shopping plaza- Fiesta Plaza on Buford Highway – Mexico City East. There’s a Burlington Coat Factory over here, a Marshalls over there AND a Laredo Western Wear store RIGHT there. Interesting, but still NO PROBLEMO. All I had to do was go to the entrance grab my ticket from my girl and go to the back of the line – I was late so I had to do what I had to do still – NO PROBLEMO.

El problema es siguiente …Lectura De la Subsistencia

Petrolholics are in Atlanta!

Yes, friends, petrolholics are wide spread in Atlanta. What is a petrolholic you ask? Light a fire, snuggle in and come with me on my wicked tale of energy abuse. (This story is true, the names have been changed to protect the guilty.)

It all started when the data display inside my car began to alert me to my low fuel status. The computer system ran through its data base of nine million gas stations and selected the appropriate QuickTrip(ish) type fuel depository.

See, I don’t go to the real Quick Trip because I hate it when the people inside get on that stupid speaker out by the pumps and say, “Pump 29, gee, it’s good to have ya with us, you’re clear to proceed, we’ll see ya inside!!”

I just want to pick up the mic on the pole and say:

“Pump 29 to Distribution Command!”

“Go ahead pump 29!”

“Uh, Pump 29 here, pump 39 was unsure if you were clearing them for fueling or if you were clearing pump 49, please confirm which pump is clear, over. Uh, also pumps 24,25 and 26 have questions about fuel intermix formulas and would like to have someone step out for a consultation, over. Oh, and the man at pump 1009 is DEAD!…Over!”

Geese these people get on my nerves…….. anyway, I digress…..

Keep reading, this gets a lot better….

The Dangedest Story of the Day

In my never-ending search for “things that make you go hmmm…” (insert a vid of 90’s flat-topped Arsenio Hall stroking chin and looking puzzled), I bring you the truly bizarre story of Beverly and, uh…Beverly.

See, it seems that while Beverly A was away gallavantin’ around Greece, eating feta cheese and drinking ouzo, Beverly B was traipsin’ through Bev A’s Douglasville neighborhood looking for new digs. Seeing a nice little unoccupied ranch dwelling, Bev B grabs up a shovel, whacks her way through a door or window – the article doesn’t say – and decides she’s found a new home.

To whit, she moves in a new washer & dryer set, her own doggie, starts putting up decorations and changing bills over to her name.

I wouldn’t s**t you, friends. Here’s a quote from the CNN story:

“…’In 28 years, I’ve never seen something this strange,’ (Sheriff’s Deputy Stan) Copeland said…”

So, while you’re warily eyeing the world outside your door for arsonists, serial rapists, and Jehovah’s witnesses, be alerted that there could be a Beverly whacking out the rear window right now and throwing her dirty laundry in, ready to squat to her heart’s content.

Don’t Say You Didn’t Know…

Granted I get sick of MJQ every few months, simply because I go there so much; I do live in “walking distance” ( “Walking Distance”: I can get tipsy and not have to worry about getting home). But the times I do go, the music is usually really good; as it will be on Saturday night.

Deepcelebrates it’s 7 Year Anniversary and Omar will be preforming live with those house DJs that have made me sweat for the last 7 years: Kai Alce and Cullen .Don’t say I didn’t warn you about a good party not to be missed in advanced…

Rod Coleman – “Incidents and Allegations”

First off, a hearty “welcome back” to metroblogger Kendall! Sorry to hear that you’re no longer a Highlands resident, Kendall, but I’m pretty sure they’ll still let you into their establishments. Heck, I live in Smyrna/Vinings, and they (usually) let me in. :)

As for the story our beloved Kendall mentioned in a previous post, about Falcons DT Rod Coleman’s auto accident, I have to say I’m on the side of the inquisitive press where this issue’s concerned.

Sure, AJC reporter Matt Winklejohn grilled head coach Jim Mora about the incident. But as more information came out, it became obvious why the Falcons were unhappy to talk about the situation.

Apparently, there’s evidence that Coleman had been drinking before his accident (which happened at 4:30am last Saturday). And he didn’t just bump something like he suggested in the press conference, he FLIPPED his Escalade. He then left the scene without calling the police. So Coleman was possibly drunk driving, probably speeding, and definitely left the scene of an accident. If this were you or I, we’d be in jail right now.

Since the police were never involved, however, there was no breathalyzer given. So there’s no proof now that Coleman was drunk (if he actually was). And the Falcons have protected their boy so much since the accident that head coach Jim Mora even paid a visit to the folks whose property Coleman crashed into. Mora was supposedly just trying to piece together what happened, but who knows if he wasn’t also there to thank the residents for not making any noise about the event…and to give them a few free tickets? :)

Sure, some of the suggestions above sound like part of a big conspiracy theory. Coleman could be the innocent victim of a wet patch of road and a sudden deer crossing. Of course, Coleman never said to the press that he was swerving to miss a deer–he said he didn’t know exactly what happened. The deer story came from one of his teammates. Coleman made his case by laughing off most of the questions in the press conference, speaking with the confidence and nonchalance of an untouchable athlete.

None of the questions or answers from this past week rule out the possibility that Rod Coleman was driving drunk. If that’s true, it’s just dumb luck that no one was hurt or killed. As someone who’s lost friends to drunk drivers, that’s not a kind of luck I like to bet on. If this gets swept under the rug (which it will, since no police report was ever filed and only Coleman knows what really happened) it could be a case of another celeb getting off the hook and not having to be accountable for his actions.

So Kendall, do you still support Jim Mora’s argument now? Sure, the members of the press were pressing the issue, but wouldn’t you like to know the truth here? If there are drunk athletes speeding around town in massive SUVs, wouldn’t you like to see them held accountable for their recklessness before someone you know gets hurt?

With all of the furor recently about Rafael Furcal’s second DUI arrest, it makes perfect sense to me that the local press was overly aggressive when investigating a story about another possible drunk-driving athlete. It’s a hot topic at the moment. But just like Furcal–whose time served was postponed until after playoffs–Coleman’s getting the kid gloves treatment by everyone BUT the press. I’m all for them investigating the matter, if the cops won’t.

I just have one question, if anyone can answer it. Why don’t athletes ever take cabs or have drivers? Every month we hear about another athlete wrapping his car around a tree. Heck, if I had the $10 million Coleman signed for last summer, I’d never drive. My chauffeur would be hauling my ass all over town while I played PS2 in the back. I’d become a Madden 2005 master just from the Atlanta rush hour commute…

Borg Attacks on your cell phone

I decided to sign up for Captain Herb’s traffic RED ALERTS on the WSB Radio website. It sends you the traffic RED ALERTS only and not just the general crashes. I am amazed just how many RED ALERTS there are in Atlanta on a daily basis. I feel like the BORG are attacking each day. RED ALERT is right.

A terrible crash on Ga. 400, a plane down just east of downtown, I-20 shut down, I-85 shut down, geese!!! If you want, you can sign up here.

In other news… why is it that people who work in the auto sales industry all have Italian last names?? I had to have my Toyota worked on the other day and the sales manager and the service manager both had “heavy” Italian last names. I won’t repeat them here but, you probably know what I mean. Why is it that since they have “heavy” Italian last names I don’t feel like I am in Italy when I am sitting at a dealership?? Just a thought. I have to go and check my cell phone to see if there are any RED ALERTS before I go to Kroger.

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