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Oh. My. God.

I wouldn’t have believed it if I had not seen the advertisement on TV just now. I’m linking it, too….
The Ten Tenors.

At the fabulous Fox dontcha know. Apparently it’s 10 guys with high voices singing what sounds like the BeeGees and Styx’s greatest hits, among other things. All of them svelte, good-looking young guys, and of course they sing with microphones.

I think I might be sick.

Now, of course you’re thinking, if you’ve read many of my entries on the metroblog, that there is some sort of professional jealousy at work.

Nope. Actually it’s more like artistic disgust. I know, hey, these guys have jobs. Still, the world of tenordom has been forever cheesed beyond belief by such things. Not like being a tenor wasn’t cheesy enough already, you have to have 10 guys come along – and I’m thinking only a few of these guys are probably actually trained to be classical vocalists – calling themselves tenors and singing DISCO hits fer the luvva christ. One thing you won’t be going to the Fabulous Fox for that night is a testosterone injection.

Eh. Well, I linked it, so now somebody go and tell me how irritating it was.

Veg-heads and Vegans, oh my!

This past weekend, we had a special guest at the Mack household. My wife’s brother was in the area, and stopped by for the weekend. It’s always nice to see the brother-in-law, but his presence always brings a small problem. See, whereas my favorite style of eating is the mega-meat Churrascaria, my brother-in-law is a vegetarian. Even worse, his girlfriend is a Vegan.

The vegetarian, alone, creates anxiety whenever he’s hungry, just because you have to put so much thought into the dining situation. You can’t just say, “Hey, let’s go get some grub.” Instead, you have to peruse menus on the internet, play the “do you like that?” and “will you eat this?” game, and finally settle on someplace that has more than just bare pasta and salads to choose from.

The Vegan is a whole other matter. When she stays over, she goes grocery shopping on day one so that she can ensure that her meals are without eggs, dairy products, or accursed flesh. And when we go out? DEAR GOD. In her defense, she is very cool about the whole thing–actually, they both are. They never try to preach their diet to others, and are actually so mild-mannered that they’ll sit quietly while others eat meat around them.

I saw that someone posted about R. Thomas earlier. I wish I’d known about that place this weekend. What other veggie/Vegan restaurants could you recommend for the in-laws’ next visit? More specifically, what v/V restaurants are in Atlanta that also serve people food like R. Thomas does?

Slacker Weekend

Thats right I was a slacker all weekend and I feel it was well deserved. Hello again from not-having-posted-in-a-while land.

Friday getting off of work I was expecting an easy ride home. Once on the highway I was reminded I live in the great ATL! It was OK though cause I had nothing to do and no where to be. I joined a few friends at the Starbucks up on Hwy 20 across from the Mall of Georgia for a Chai. We sat around and caught up on life and talked anything but…politics. Later it was off to the mall to see The Forgotten. Where I witnessed a great movie be horribly destroyed by an unbelievable plot twist. I regret not being more interested in First Daughter with Kati Holmes.

Saturday day, I went to Chamblee for a radiator from 1.800.Radiator. A well hidden warehouse of discount, well…you guessed it Radiators. Thankfully I only had to drop it of at the brother-in-law’s house and head home. Once there I caught up on my Xbox time. The latest game to be inserted is Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. The next installment in Tom Clancy’s Stealth genre. It is every bit as good as the first.

…Saturday night, thats another story all together. I found my self in Tallulah Falls! Where later I was witness to something described as “somewhat amusing, but certainly entertaining”. Apparently it is classified as Bluegrass music. Tallulah Falls Opry House was the name and music is their game. I’m not sure how many of you have been hiking on the Appalachian Trail, but if you are familiar you know of the little “huts” along the AT that you can set up camp at. Well that is what the Opry house was, including the bonfire. I personally had a good ole’ time. On stage there were two fiddles (which closely resembles a violin), four guitars, a bass, a banjo, and a whole slew of singers. I listened to everything from John Denver to that song from O’ Brother Where Art Thou. I have a feeling it is a summer event for the local yocals, but you must check it out if your ever in Tallulah Falls on a Saturday night.

Sunday was back to the Xbox…LOL!

More Foodblogging

An officemate tells me that the first result on Google for “ChiliFest Atlanta” is a picture (in a now defunct photoblog) of a group picture of some friends and me. This is a perfect time to mention that ChiliFest is this weekend, people! Actually, it’s called the Chili Cook Off.

Known as one of Atlanta’s biggest and best events The Great Miller Lite Chili Cook-Off offers the entire family a full day of entertainment. More than 300 teams will compete in “Best Of” and People”s Choice” awards in chili, brunswick stew and cornbread competition. The teams will also compete for a showmanship prize and offer visitors samples of the food until the food runs out. More than $10,000 in prize money will be awarded. Anyone can compete in the famous contests such as the jalapeno eating, flying weenie, chili chant or Lite mullet flop contest.

Mmm… chili… music… what more could you want?

Living in the Suburbs is Bad for Your Health

I hate to reintroduce the OTP/ITP debates, but I found this article on Yahoo and found it amusing that the author used Atlanta’s suburbs as the example for “unhealthy living.”

I should make clear that I grew up in Roswell, living about a mile or two from the downtown Roswell community that Steve often describes in eloquent detail, but because I’ve been away for so long (7-8 years in the midwest), when I go back to Roswell, it hardly seems like the same place I left behind. I’m certainly much happier ITP (in Decatur, technically), but that’s only bceause it reduces my drive time to work and to art house movie theaters.

Vanity Plates

I’m always amazed at folks who choose to display their personality on the alpha-numeric canvas of a license plate. I’ll be honest and say that while I don’t fully understand the motivation of these individuals I love seeing their handiwork on my daily commute. My wife has had to remind me on multiple occassions that stopping the car and jumping out to take a picture would be, at best, a sketchy idea. Still, I’m very drawn to all the permutations of letters and numbers presented by these vanity plates, so much so that I did start taking pictures of these little declarations of individuality, despite the risk or personal injury.

I’d love to hear some stories about great vanity plates you’ve seen or heard about. Drop me a link in the comments, especially if you have pictures. I’m off to plan my vanity plate! Do you think ‘BLOGGER’ is taken?

Lunch At The Pot

The other day, a trio of us decided to have lunch at Kingston Pot. We’d heard rumors and seen it from afar, but none of us had actually stepped inside. Located just off Holcomb Bridge Road, Kingston Pot is a smallish establishment situated in a Grimes Bridge addressed strip mall. So we walked inside, took in the somewhat unfinished decor, glanced at the brief menu and told the fellow behind the counter what we wanted. Jerk chicken was the consensus. Yes, with rice, thanks. Would we like a Jamaican cream soda? Sure. Then he noted our order on a Post-It, gave us our sodas and told us to sit down. With our wallets in hand, yet unopened, it felt like we missed a step.

Some short time later, the fellow calls us to the counter. Our orders are stacked, one atop each other in styrofoam take-out boxes. Again, we took out our money and waited expectantly for someone to give us some totals. Nothing. He went back to reading a magazine. So we each took our boxes and sat back down.

Understand this. What Bridgetown Grill calls jerk chicken is not what Kingston Pot calls jerk chicken. Far be it from me to say which is right or wrong, but know that jerk chicken at Kingston Pot is more of a slow-cooked, almost stewed affair, composed of bone-in chicken, dark with spice and drenched in sauce. Tastewise, it is excellent, though some might find it too much of a departure from the boneless filet offered by Bridgetown.

Filled and ready to go back to work, we stepped back over to the counter and waited for a third time. By this time, the Jamaican patties were baked and sitting behind glass and the fellow was occupied with sale after sale of these treats. For a minute, I thought he mistook us for a new set of customers that had only just arrived. “Um, sir, we just had lunch and, well, we’d like to pay?” He looked at me, blinked, blinked again, nodded quickly and asked for six dollars and some change. Not a bad price for a very satisfying lunch.

So if you’re a North Fulton wage-earner and you’re tired of your everyday fast-food lunching, maybe you’d enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and business practices of Kingston Pot.

Late Night with R. Thomas

I know that from my entries thus far it would appear that all I ever do is eat, and while this may be true, that’s not the only reason I seem to only be able to blog about food. See, as a very experienced college student, I feel it is my civic responsibility to enlighten my contemporaries about late night dining options outside the old staples of Taco Hell, Krystal, Waffle House and the like. While sometimes a big greasy plate of Wa Ho hashbrowns smothered and covered is exactly what you’re craving, other times we night owls need something more substantial and, dare I say, healthier?

For these occasions, I would like to recommend the R. Thomas Deluxe Grill. This restaurant offers some of your typical “munchies”-type items such as hot wings, quesadillas, and burgers, but the menu also contains options to please just about any taste. Lots of vegetarian and vegan options, breakfast served at any hour, and an impressive list of smoothies are a few of the characteristics that make R. Thomas stand out among its late night peers. The restaurant itself has a fun, eccentric vibe and (in my experiences at least) the staff is friendly and very accommodating.

Anyway, it’s worth a try if you’re out late and you’re in the mood for something a little different. There’s something weirdly satisfying about knowing you can get an Organic Grilled Soy Ginger Salmon dinner and a Dr Tate’s Herbal Blood Tonic at 4:00 on a Sunday morning if you’re so inclined.

Atlanta in the fall

…so today was spent reading Princess Diaries in John Howell Park … Haven’t had the time to hang out over there since the Cunard Memorial Playground was finished. It is beautiful… and incredibly innovative… made me wish that I was kid (or honestly, made me wish there weren’t so many kids around so that I could’ve really enjoyed myself). I could have stayed there all day … but thanks to my extremely carniverous appetite, and a heaping order of Ruprict Nachos from Moe’s (with double steak) .. I was sleepy, thirsty, and a tad bit …um …FLATULENT …I know, I know… too much information but…what’s a little gas between friends -eh?

Now, tomorrow … I’m heading to Mercer to watch my bud play flag football again … the season started last week… GO 1st and Goal! Don’t hurt nobody …betta yet … don’t hurt yourselves!!!
After the last flag is pulled …hopefully, I’ll be able to score some scalped tickets for the Falcon’s game … wish me luck or better yet – HOOK ME UP!!!

In any case, days like today ( I suspect days like tomorrow) that make this “Yankee” love Atlanta – gas and all …

Talk Amongst Yourselves!

Yo, check THIS out.

Just when you thought the internet had no more room available for a discussion group, there’s the metroblog boards.

Go there. Discuss amongst yourselves. Free and open to the reading public, be ye blogger or no. I moderate the board with a rather loose hand unless you try to get nasty with each other. The Atlanta board is about whatever you want to talk about, doesn’t have to take off a blog entry, and I’m kind of hoping it will end up a source eventually for future metblog entries.

Don’t just sit there and stare. GO.

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