Lunch At The Pot

The other day, a trio of us decided to have lunch at Kingston Pot. We’d heard rumors and seen it from afar, but none of us had actually stepped inside. Located just off Holcomb Bridge Road, Kingston Pot is a smallish establishment situated in a Grimes Bridge addressed strip mall. So we walked inside, took in the somewhat unfinished decor, glanced at the brief menu and told the fellow behind the counter what we wanted. Jerk chicken was the consensus. Yes, with rice, thanks. Would we like a Jamaican cream soda? Sure. Then he noted our order on a Post-It, gave us our sodas and told us to sit down. With our wallets in hand, yet unopened, it felt like we missed a step.

Some short time later, the fellow calls us to the counter. Our orders are stacked, one atop each other in styrofoam take-out boxes. Again, we took out our money and waited expectantly for someone to give us some totals. Nothing. He went back to reading a magazine. So we each took our boxes and sat back down.

Understand this. What Bridgetown Grill calls jerk chicken is not what Kingston Pot calls jerk chicken. Far be it from me to say which is right or wrong, but know that jerk chicken at Kingston Pot is more of a slow-cooked, almost stewed affair, composed of bone-in chicken, dark with spice and drenched in sauce. Tastewise, it is excellent, though some might find it too much of a departure from the boneless filet offered by Bridgetown.

Filled and ready to go back to work, we stepped back over to the counter and waited for a third time. By this time, the Jamaican patties were baked and sitting behind glass and the fellow was occupied with sale after sale of these treats. For a minute, I thought he mistook us for a new set of customers that had only just arrived. “Um, sir, we just had lunch and, well, we’d like to pay?” He looked at me, blinked, blinked again, nodded quickly and asked for six dollars and some change. Not a bad price for a very satisfying lunch.

So if you’re a North Fulton wage-earner and you’re tired of your everyday fast-food lunching, maybe you’d enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and business practices of Kingston Pot.

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