This Has to Stop.

It appears Marietta, Georgia resident Jack Hensley may have been executed by the Islamic terrorists holding him.

My wife and I were talking about the beheadings this morning, and of course one can only say, ‘this must stop.’ She was discussing it with someone at her school, and they said, ‘this must stop.’

I have to ask why? Why are countries the world over, not just America, being subjected to this horror – continually? What is being done about it? Why is it that political commentary on this seems so muted?

I am not trying to introduce a political issue. Screw politics, this is a human issue. An organized group of what western society would call sociopaths gets together and decides the best way to demoralize those they view as the enemy is to take innocent people – people who were there to help, in this case – and execute them in a particularly graphic and horrible manner for all the world to see.

How is the beheading of another innocent American civilian, most likely taped for the victim’s humiliation – and thereby his home country’s humiliation – displayed on the world wide web, a sign that we’ve won the war on terror? At first I thought these executions were the worst mistakes the terrorist cells could make. Now I think it’s a strategy so insidiously effective that they may in the end achieve whatever nebulous goal they have by doing it.

Very few of us know in any way what the Hensley family in Marietta must be going through. We should all be angry, though.

What you do with that anger is your choice. Politics is a field of gray in many ways – gray moral areas, gray goals…I make no claim as to dictating what one’s political bent on this should be. I just know this has to stop, somehow. For the sake of other families like the Hensleys of Marietta. For our sake, as well.

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  1. Thomas (unregistered) on September 22nd, 2004 @ 8:30 am

    Most admirable was the demeanor and poise of the family spokesman, I believe his name is Jack Haley. He delivered a message on behalf of the family last night, reiterating their love of Mr Hensley and support for the families of the other two gentlemen. He asked the media to please respect the families wishes and to leave their home as they’d come. After reading the heartfelt statement, he would not be goaded by questions from the journalists assembled. “What do you have to say to the people who have done this?” His reply, “No comment.” It takes courage to maintain a sense of decency in the face of brutality, to keep focus on the needs of loved ones. How many others would’ve just used that collection of microphones to deliver vitriol? And how many cameras would’ve started snapping immediately to get every front-page-worthy snarl?

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