SEE? It CAN happen anywhere…

You will recall with sadness and maybe some chagrin the Story of Francis Brohm and his unfortunate encounter with a guide wire. It made all the national wires simply because the denouement was so unbelievable. His friend driving the vehicle was so drunk he went home with Brohm’s headless body in the passenger seat and stumbled inside and went to sleep.

Well, now we know that this story isn’t exclusive to drunk guys in the south. Yep, that’s right. Some poor dude in California was a passenger in his buddy’s rockin’ Geo Storm when said buddy performed vehicular frottage with a mailbox post and aforementioned dude in the passenger seat got pulped above the neck.

It seems the driver in this instance knew he’d probably done bad as he stopped the vehicle, pulled out the body and ran like hell. So now to anyone who read the story of them Marietta boys and their terrible misadventure out on state route 120, I say in the immortal words of Phil Hendrie, speaking as his character Steve Bozell, “You can all go to the HOT PLACE.”

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