found dog

This afternoon, around 5 pm, I was waiting at the light at Moreland Avenue and Wylie Street (south of L5P, north of Glenwood), when a dog crossed the street. Alone. With no owner, collar, or tags.

I grabbed hold of her — or, rather, followed her back across the street — got her in my car (with help) and took her to the vet. She is a border collie mix of some sort, somewhere between 1.5 and 2.5 years old, weighing 34 pounds, in relatively good health — she has conjunctivitis and roundworm but not heartworm, which is either a miracle or the result of someone having given her heartworm pills. She’s also very, very docile and sweet, which makes me think she’s had an owner recently, although she’s apparently not completely housebroken and hasn’t been spayed (she gave birth to a litter sometime in the last 4-8 weeks; I went back to where I found her but wasn’t able to find the litter).

One of the guys on Wylie called her “Lady,” but without tags I have no way of knowing if that’s her actual name.

Here’s a blurry pic, taken on my terrible digital camera:

If you’re her owner, please get in touch with me at jessicaharbour at gmail dot com. My only request is that you bring a personal photo of her, since without any tags I have no way of verifying you’re the owner.

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