Excuse Me While I Rant

Atlantans don’t drive.

There are some Atlantans who walk and I am one of them. Over the last weekend while running numerous errands I was yelled at by drivers for simply crossing the street. Since when is it against the law to cross the street? They did build crosswalks fro a reason; and it wasn’t built as a place for your car to wait as you try to make a turn. And who says I have to hurry? Is it too much to wait a whole extra 30 seconds while I cross the street?

After returning from the grocery store shortly after one dude nearly ran me over and yelled things I can’t write here, I devised a plan. I will now carry a spray gun of paint and spray all cars who just can’t wait. See how ya like that!

Ok maybe I’m kidding (maybe). But you can only push a girl so far.

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  1. Billy Mack (unregistered) on September 13th, 2004 @ 2:34 pm

    I hear ya! I almost never walk in this city, but even for a constant driver, it’s obvious that this isn’t a pedestrian-friendly city.

    My biggest pet peeve where that’s concerned is people who pull their cars up onto the crosswalk at a red light. Especially those who are making a left hand turn. Dude, you can’t go until the light turns green, anyway. Why not be cool and let someone walk in front of you?

  2. Dave Yucius (unregistered) on September 24th, 2005 @ 9:40 pm

    How much pathetic pandering must Georgians put up with? I know, we are talking about politicians- and everybody knows they are the most ineffective and inane bunch of folks. But Sonny Perdueís latest proclamation is just over the top.

    The brilliant edict this time, ìLets close our public schools and conserve energy.î Where to beginÖ

    How much more energy is used if the kids attended a communal classroom than if they all stayed home and surfed the Internet or watched TV all day? What is saved? NOTHING!!!

    What shortage??? The country, No the World, can find a way to operate- why has our “leader” chosen the closing of schools for two days to save us from this contrived problem?

    After last month initiating what amounted to a run on the bank by telling the lemmings “… Not to panic about the gasoline suppy…”- he has done it again. What a laughingstock Georgia is becoming. No wonder we are the 48th ranked state in education- we have the weakest leadership closing the weakest schools on the weakest of hypotheses.

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