Jimmy Vs. Zell

On Boing Boing, one of the most interesting blogs in all of creation, I spotted a portion of a letter Jimmy Carter has written to Zell Miller regarding his speech at the Republican Convention. Here’s the Boing Boing entry; http://www.boingboing.net/2004/09/07/jimmy_carters_letter.html, and here’s a link to the full text of the letter.

I don’t know, if I were Zell I’d be whippin’ out the duelin’ pistols right about now. Sure, it’s old Jimmy Carter, elder statesman of the Democratic Party, Nobel Prize winner, the rare former Democratic President who gets a pass from Republicans out of deference to his being…well, Jimmy. I know rock-ribbed Republicans, Georgians, who will rush to Jimmy’s defense regardless. You just don’t mess with the peanut farmer from Plains.

But whether he meant to or not, Zell did mess with Jimmy’s groove by his remarkable speechifyin’ at the RNC convention. And Jimmy’s now spanking Zell for the same. Here’s a quote from just the first paragraph of the letter;

…It was a loyal Democrat, Roy Barnes, who appointed you as U.S. Senator when you were out of office. By your historically unprecedented disloyalty, you have betrayed our trust.

(Bolding for emphasis mine.)

Damn Zell. What are you gonna do, man? That old dude is dissin’ you.
Carter was a Navy Man. He might be up in years, but I bet he can still shoot a gun. Whatcha say Zell? I mean, you can’t let him disrespect you like that, can you?

If it was me, I’d take my whippin’ and shut the hell up. But Senator Dueller obviously has a propensity for the unpredictable, so y’all keep your picnic baskets at the ready. Maybe in a peanut field south of Atlanta someday soon two Democratic grayhairs will stand tall at dawn, pistols at the ready…

Screw pistols. Swords would be a lot more interesting. Think about that one a while.

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  1. Dana (unregistered) on September 8th, 2004 @ 9:04 pm

    Roy Barnes was also one of the worst governors we’ve had — so bad, in fact, that a Republican handily defeated him and became the first Republican governor this state has had since Reconstruction. You gotta suck badly to do that. As to calling Zell “disloyal” because he disagrees with the choice(s) for president on the Democratic ticket? I don’t think that’s fair. I think Zell is simply going with his heart on this one. I’d much rather we had more representative that did that than the ones we have to feel compelled to hold to the party line or else. Whatever else you say about Zell, he knows his own mind. And he’ll tell you what’s on it, too.

  2. Steve (unregistered) on September 9th, 2004 @ 12:07 am

    Note to self: Wife likes Zell.

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