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Atlanta! Incorporated in 1848 with a total population of 21 people. Now the city, according to the US Census Bureau, contains 423,019 people as of July 1, 2003. Rumor has it there are about three and a half to four million in GREATer Atlanta. Is it just me or do we all migrate to the city between seven and eight in the morning?

I was hanging out in Underground Atlanta last night doing a little shopping. I hadn’t been there in a while and just got the urge to go. It was an experience as it always is. Underground has a fairly good night life even on a Tuesday. Stopped off at Mick’s and had a couple drinks. Nothing too fancy or crazy, just relaxing and enjoying some of the culture.

I believe it was The Mad Dater who told us that we need more Street entertainers. I would have to agree with this, but last night in underground there were a couple hanging around with nice little crowds around them. Of course the lack of…could be one of the things that says something about our great city.

Looks like tonight will be a good eats night. Been looking around at different restaurants to find one for a special occasion I am celebrating tonight. So with that said I may just have my first restaurant review to post up in the morrow…

We all love 285

I-285… aka, “The Fruit Loop”

Congrats UGA!

I’m a GaTech grad student. So I feel somewhat obliged to make fun of UGA from time to time. But when I feel like they should be praised for something, I praise them. So when I saw that UGA is the number 8 party school in the nation, I though “Godd for the Dawgs. At least they’re in the top 10 in something.”

I’m Bad … I’m Nationwide

My friend Lauren pointed out that Metroblogging has been exposed. How cool is that?

Atlanta Fencing?

You know, fencing isn’t the most popular sport around here. In Warner Robins I fenced for about 5 years before coming to college. I still haven’t gone back despite threatening to just about every day.

However, a local fencer from Dunwoody, is assured a medal in this Olympics. She studies at the Nellya fencing school where I have competed in local tournaments many times.

Update: Sports Illustrated has more information.


Call it the Perimeter, call it by it’s name, it’s the circular road around the city we all know and love.


A local radio talker says in a promo on his station that I-285 is “a great place to raise children…and to find a mattress.”

If only he were being funny. Today I had to rush from work to my kid’s daycare in Roswell to prevent massive diaper scariness for my son-I’d forgotten his new pack of buttcovers were in the trunk of our car.

And on the way back, low and behold, there lieth on the roadside there, between Chamblee-Dunwoody and Peachtree Industrial, a dull gold-colored queen sized Serta Sleeper. It sat up against the median wall, nearly folded in two, as if protecting itself from the passing traffic.

My first impression of Atlanta was this; driving around 285, not entirely sure of where I was headed, and every mile or so there was a different brand of bumper on the road. There a Chevy Malibu bumper, here a Saturn, that one looks like a Ford F-150.

Most recently I have also seen along the banks of that asphalt river;

  • a leather easy chair, solid white, overstuffed.
  • Countless shoes-usually either athletic shoes or boots, always mens. Occasionally child-size shoes, but those suggest something rather sad that I best not contemplate
  • A couple of porno magazines being avidly scanned by the wind
  • A very tall man with a shaggy beard who looked like he’d soiled himself
  • did I mention the shoes? yep. Did I mention there’s only one shoe at a time, never a pair?
  • A perfectly new looking teddy bear-also a very sad sight.

That was just a few things. Imagine how strange a store dedicated to finds from 285 would be.

There’d be plenty of mattresses.

Chihuly in the Garden

Dale Chihuly is an artist who makes very impressive colored glass pieces. Many of them have an organic or natural feel and they can be seen at the Atlanta Botanical gardens.

Aside: My alarm clock wakes me up to the wonderful sounds of 99x each morning. On Sunday mornings when I get up at the crack of dawn to get out on my run I always hear some lady who sounds like Ana Gasteyer from That Saturday Night Live skit called “The Delicious Dish.” She’s talking about this Chihuly thing and her voice makes me get out of bed and want to hurt someone.

I had heard that you can see Chihuly at night.

Do not go at night.

Chihuly makes some truly impressive pieces, but many of them are thick, opague pieces of glass that would look awesome in natural light and bright sunlight but when artificially lit they just don’t look as nice. Did you see the awesome yellow piece in that link I had? There are a FEW pieces like that; many of the others are glass flowers and sculptures that just weren’t meant to be viewed like that.

Ideally, you’ll go to the gardens (before the end of October when the exhibit closes) and get there just before sunset. See it all during the day and then hit the few pieces that were meant to be illuminated.

more on Atlanta from an outside perspective

There is, apparently, an Organic Style magazine. You can find it at your local Publix, or at least the Ansley Mall Publix. And this month they have a Special Report: “How safe is your drinking water?”

My drinking water is courtesy of the City of Atlanta, so I wasn’t feeling too optimistic, but I went ahead and opened the magazine. (You can just go and look at the article online, and see the city rankings via Acrobat Reader.)

Anyway — Atlanta’s water ranks ninth-cleanest. That’s better than Philadelphia, Boston, Raleigh (barely), New York, Las Vegas, DC, and, to my surprise, San Francisco, which ranks 15th.

Apparently the city known for smog, dumb growth, beating the Chattahoochee into submission, and a general make-money-first, worry-about-the-environment-later attitude has cleaner water than the city known for its modicum of social consicence. While there is probably a smart scientific (or, more likely, economic) explanation for this, I suggest we go over to the SF Metroblog and commence taunting.

ATLANTA from an outside perspective

As I was hanging out on the dreaded in the Misadventures in Atlanta “Blog” today … someone pointed out that Atlanta was ranked #4 on the list for Best Cities for Singles …. woo hoo!!!

According to the article written by some dude named Jonathan Schwartz … says … The area “inside the 285 beltway” is made up of three major neighborhoods: Buckhead, Midtown and Virginia Highlands.
Buckhead has gradually shaped itself to cater to the more affluent, trendy crowd, with many young professionals patronizing bars such as the recently opened East Andrews.
You’ll find hip singles in the many coffee houses and cafes of mid-town.
For those seeking the laid back, collegiate feel, Virginia Highlands is packed with local bars and outdoor pubs…”

This begs the question is Atlanta the Best Place for Singles or as one of the AJC bloggers stated … The Best Place to Remain Single?

As an African American woman … in this oh so “Chocolate” city … I’ve had an easier time catching colds and foul balls than I have men ….HA! How’s the dating pool in your Atlanta ?

One more thing… Atlanta is not DC .. we don’t have a friggin’ beltway … we keep it simple in these parts … you’re either In(side) or Out(side) … the Perimeter that is …

the AJC is not for me

It is, in my opinion, a damn shame that Atlanta is essentially a one-newspaper town. Granted, there are alternatives; there’s the Loaf, if you’re willing to take your news stories with a side of left-wing idiocy (I’m sorry, Chuck, but for me John Sugg hits exactly the same nerve as Sean Hannity does, and it’s not a pleasant feeling), and the rather narrowly focused (in different ways) Atlanta Business Chronicle and Southern Voice, and the regionally minded Gwinnett Daily Post, and the venerable Atlanta Daily World, poorly designed web page and all. But there’s nothing that competes with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, in terms of either circulation or name recognition outside the city.

I would love to hear opinions on the AJC besides those which I usually hear, which are usually expressed in terms of the scatological. (I’ll admit to a bias: I worked for Atlanta Magazine on and off in the late 1990s, and in the grand tradition of every publication in town bashing every other publication in town, we were not terribly fond of the newspaper. Nor it of us. Nor the Loaf of either of us.) I like Cynthia Tucker, though I can’t say I’ve read her in a while. I like the weekly column that highlights internationally-minded stores. And I might still enjoy the sports columnists whose roster hasn’t changed since Ailene Voisin left, if they weren’t kept under lock and key in a bizarre premium package.

So, feel free to defend the AJC. Only not their online registration system — you know, the one that requires an address and household income just to register? Never you mind, AJC. Never you mind.

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