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Are you ready for some …FOOTBALL?

Ok… so I know that someone’s beloved Falcons are losi … I mean playing tonight but this is not the football of which I speak….
No – Ladies and Gents – I’m talking about FLAG FOOTBALL … !!!
You might not know this … but there are hundreds … maybe even THOUSANDS of would be Randy Moss-es, Peyton Manning-s and um… among us …

If you wanna see your coworkers, troop leaders, security guards, tech support guys, cable dudes, phone techs, doctors, investment bankers, accountants, as you have never seen them before… Join me at the ACC/SEC Challenge Flag Football Tournament being held Saturday at Mercer University … I’ll be on the side lines … pretending to be in awe of that catch … shocked by that call …and totally immersed in the sheer exhiliration of it all …

Blue 22 … Blue 22 … Hike … Hike!!!

The NW Report

Well, hello there. Sorry, I’ve been so quiet. I’ve been dead over the last week for tax purposes.

Here’s the N.W. Quadrant report: Rain.

But, what really irritates me is that I did not send back my NetFlix DVD’s in time to have something to watch this weekend.

The last three were Hell Boy – a had to turn it off after 45 mins. I decided that I can’t do “camp” and horror/sci-fi together.

The League of Extraordinary Boring People, I mean Gentlemen. Story line? Where was it? Of course, I love Sean but, the rest was too goofy.

Finally, His Girl Friday. EXCELLENT! That was one of the most fast paced movies I have ever seen. Rent it!

Well, that’s all for now. I have to go milk the hogs and slop the cows. Up here in the country, it’s HELL!

Friday night fun?

Well it looks like tonight is going to be full of rain, thunder, and lightning. What fun? What fun! Anyhow, having predicted the weather I decided to stay in and enjoy a blockbuster night. So no fun adventures for me dancing in the rain…

I did however eat at a really great and often over looked restaurant located in the Buckhead area. Ali Oli, located across from Phipps Plaza, was outstanding. I think they hit the nail on the head for every goal they set out to accomplish.

Anyhow, on to Steve’s topic of 285 obstacles…If I hit another cardboard box, plastic bag, or piece of bubble rap I think my car will go on strike!

Single in This City

As Kendall pointed out in this blog, Forbes magazine has named Atlanta one of the “Best Cities for Singles” and if you’ve ever read my Dating Blog, you know I agree with that. Yet, a lot of people I know complain that they never meet anyone. Therefore, as a public service, I’m giving away my two best tips to help my fellow Atlantans meet that someone:

  1. Get Out of the Car: Atlantans love their cars, (just look at any of the traffic related posts below) but until they invent a car seat with a vibrator, your car wonít love you back. And unless youíre Brittany Murphy or hometown girl Julia Roberts, you won’t meet that someone in some fated car crash. So walk around your neighborhood or (dare I say it) walk to the market. That person who you say “hello” to today, may be saying “good morning sleepy head” to you later.
  2. Shut up and Listen: OK, so you’re successful and while running down your list of accomplishments may work in other cities, it won’t work in Atlanta. Why? Because many people in Atlanta are successful. (One day I actually counted the hooptie cars that went pass my house and there were only 3 out of 50). Therefore don’t waste someone’s time running down you’re resume. Everyone loves an audience, so when chatting, actually find out about the person you’re trying to get to know. And, if you can listen and mimic the lovelorn look of a Black & White movie star, even better.

Maybe you can even use these at “Greenwood Stock ’04” on my street (Greenwood Ave.) Saturday, and meet that someone.

Yer Scratchin’ My ASS, YO.

I had a hard time figuring out whether or not this was a personal blog or metblog entry, and I decided it was definitely appropriate for this blog, because the phenomenon I am thinking about seems so exclusive to southern states with lotteries.

You are in the Circle K (“strange things are afoot at the circle K…”)holding a kippered beef steak strip, a Coke (C2, less sugar-coke, also headquartered here…) and a monster energy drink because your ADD meds ran out, and in front of you stands Edna; “Gimme a Fire & Ice, Groovy Bucks, Cowboy Cash, oh-one of those Strike it Rich, uh…a Peach Bucks…”

And this goes on for OVER 5 MINUTES.

In the grand scheme of things 5 minutes lost to Edna and her polyester printed, smoker hacked sad little scratch-off addiction may not seem like much, but when it’s actually the dinky Chevron on Roswell road near Roswell Presbyterian Church that never has a working air-conditioner, and the you is ME, it seems like one of the more hideously long 5-minute periods of life.

Worse, because I’m a southern boy, Nashville (Tennessee) raised and now citizen of Atlanta, even further south, there is an internal constraint to NOT yell, “Lady, will you take your f**king problem elsewhere so the rest of us can get the F**K out of here?”

That would just be rude, and I’m like Hannibal Lecter that way-“Discourtesy is… unspeakably ugly to me.”

However, I’m posting this as a PSA of sorts, because old Edna, which is not her name-it’s probably Doris, or Janet, it doesn’t matter-pick a name that fits an overweight woman in synthetic clothing with a bad blonde dye job-well, she isn’t a minority when it comes to the scratch-off fetish. Just last night I’m walking to church choir rehearsal at twilight and at the point where the fence that lines my road meets the main road I see where someone has sat and scratched off 10 different game cards, all to no avail. They sat there looking like weird leaves fallen from a sad and dejected tree.

Problem here is I know that the average person freaking at the counter in the convenience store with their scratch-offs is not going to be a blog reader. So I’m preachin’ to the choir. However, if this has ever been you, maybe you should be reminded just how discourteous such action is to your fellow man who just wants beef sticks, or pop-tarts, or overly-sweet convenience-store made cappucino.

And we all know what Dr. Lecter likes to do to those he finds rude, now, DON’T WE?

did someone say “killer Indian food”?

It’s all about CafÈ Bombay. Or maybe it’s Bombay CafÈ. Suffice it to say “the place next to Hair Images in the shopping center across from the Target between North Druid Hills and Briarcliff.”

It’s changed names in the past few months. It has no dÈcor to speak of. They’ve taken out the TV that used to show all Bollywood clips, all the time. But my boyfriend and I went there a couple weeks ago and, over our vegetarian dishes, kept blinking at each other and saying, “This is really good.” Eat. Eat. Blink. Blink. “Is yours really good? Mine is really good.” All other conversation pretty much stalled.

I went once for brunch and they didn’t blow me away. It may have been that the kitchen was on extra special behavior that night, since there was a huge party going on while we were there. But that was one of the best dinners we’ve had out in a while.

I just love that shopping center anyway. I can get my clothes dry cleaned (expensive, but they can get out anything — I’ve tested them multiple times), buy the latest issue of Stardust, and read it while getting my hair hennaed.

Mmm… great food…

My 25th birthday is coming up on Monday (yes, I know that this a shameless plug) and Fifth Group happens to know about it so I took my free entree gift certificate and headed over to South City Kitchen to have the best Buttermilk Fried Chicken inside the perimeter. Not only is the food absolutely amazing, but the service is also just great and, especially on a night like tonight, the atmosphere on the patio is unbeatable.

My recommendations : Go the full nine yards and get all the courses – soup, salad, entree, and dessert (okay, so don’t eat for about two days beforehand). And go back often. I know the OTP-ers may have some misgivings about making it into Midtown, but take my word for it. It is worth it to get away from the Olive Garden’s and Papacito’s that populate the outter rim.

On a completely unrelated note – does everyone love those TBS commercials with the humor call center? I do. Sometimes I wish that something like that existed – just to share the humor.

CNN is in Atlanta …

so that fact makes this post relevant to the ATL … this is the funniest crap I’ve read in a long while …. the picture is hilarious…

Bear guzzles 36 beers, passes out at campground
Wednesday, August 18, 2004 Posted: 9:12 PM EDT (0112 GMT)
SEATTLE, Washington (Reuters) — A black bear was found passed out at a campground in Washington state recently after guzzling down three dozen cans of a local beer, a campground worker said on Wednesday.

“We noticed a bear sleeping on the common lawn and wondered what was going on until we discovered that there were a lot of beer cans lying around,” said Lisa Broxson, a worker at the Baker Lake Resort, 80 miles (129 km) northeast of Seattle.

The hard-drinking bear, estimated to be about two years old, broke into campers’ coolers and, using his claws and teeth to open the cans, swilled down the suds.

It turns out the bear was a bit of a beer sophisticate. He tried a mass-market Busch beer, but switched to Rainier Beer, a local ale, and stuck with it for his drinking binge.

Wildlife agents chased the bear away, but it returned the next day, said Broxson.

They set a trap using as bait some doughnuts, honey and two cans of Rainier Beer. It worked, and the bear was captured for relocation.


I had to share-I just had to.

My friend Greg and I will occasionally go eat Indian food like the gourmand tenors we be and we always go this place very close to the Atlanta Opera Center.

The very first time we went there I saw what still strikes me as the most bizarrely funny graffiti. If you park behind Touch of India (the restaurant in the article I linked above,) and get out and look at the largest red-brick building facing the little lot, someone spray-painted in very easy-to-read letters a few feet high, “BILL CAMPBELL BLOWS GOATS.”

Now, what former Mayor Campbell does in the privacy of his home is no business of mine, and frankly I doubt the veracity of the statement-since when are Republicans so concerned with who blows what barnyard animal? You know, it took someone really tilting their head a little to somehow come up with goats. Saying a political figure blows something (good thing this isn’t a blog based in New Jersey, huh?) is not very original…but saying he blows GOATS, man-that’s comedy. To me, anyway.

It was a moment where it occurred to me again that there are definitely a few things I love about this city. It seems such delicious moments of absurdity are often just around the corner. That and all the fashionable ladders, footwear, sleeping bags, bumpers, mattresses one can find on a major freeway.

Oh, and the Indian food is pretty killer, too.

The I-285 Found Object Report for August 18, 2004

Is anyone missing;

  • A black bumper from possibly a Ford model sportscar?
  • An interesting assortment of what appear to have been phone books?
  • A kid’s sleeping bag that looks like Walt Disney puked on it?

I’m not even trying to look for this stuff, y’all. Hey, how ’bout we do this? You, be you visitor or fellow Atlanta-area resident, randomly drop an item on the road somewhere and see if it shows up here! Not that I’m encouraging littering. Surely you have an old Plymouth Duster bumper to get rid of, or some kid’s clothes, or footwear!

boot or shoe.bmp

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