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I don’t hate the goths! Darnit!

Ok….goths across the world….calm yourselves down already! I recieved my very first hate email. Something you all should know about me, I don’t piss off very easily. And at times I suppose I expect others to be the same. But alas, it is not to be. Let me clarify….I DO NOT HATE GOTHS!!!!! But my children had an unfortunate experience with one of their favorite babysitters, who showed up one day in her goth getup. Not good times. Needless to say, the husband and I did not end up going out that night. But Jenn…honey, you were unduely nasty with regard to my children. They can’t help it if they are perfect…so pipe down sweetie. And for your edification dear one…..the best babysitters I ever had were a flaming gay man and his lesbian bestfriend/roommate. Aside from my husband, there has never been ANYONE I have trusted more with my children.

And I just got a call from my bestfriend. Our favorite bar of all time, Fado’s, is having a sale of sorts on their beer on Saturday night before the good times really get started. Sometimes they do this just to get you in and drunk before they start insisting on a cover charge. But go…the patio is nice this time of year. Yes, its a small bar. But they make a superb Grey Goose martini!

Hash House

No, not THAT kind of Hash. This kind of Hashing is the kind where someone takes a bag of flour, runs really fast leaving a trail, and you have to follow it. Then, when you’re done, you drink beer!

I’ve been a runner for almost two years now and it can get boring if you just run your normal routes and can’t find a way to liven it up. Now, for the record I haven’t livened it up and I’m getting kind of burned out. But now that I know about this crazy kind of running and drinking, I might have revitalized my running spirit.

They seem like a fun group, any hashers out there reading?

Looking for business ideas?

I’ve got one: please, someone, for the love of God, open up a new kosher restaurant. This list is tiny, and I suspect my Orthodox friends would love an alternative to Broadway CafÈ.

Moving On

Ok, it’s been a while since I had much to say. It’s not because there’s nothing going on, but it’s because I haven’t had time to do anything. Fortunately the other metrobloggers aren’t slacking off and have given me a ton of ideas for a weekend where I (fortunately) don’t have much planned.

So what’s got me so busy? My fiance and I are buying a house and we’ve been doing that house-buying-thing that suburbanites do. We’re moving out to the West Side and dreading the stuff we have to pack up. I thought about using Two Men and a Truck since I see their vans all around the area. I found a few good reviews online and then I found these poor reviews and one was even in Smyrna which could end up being the office I need to use (I’m moving to from Alpharetta down to Mabelton).

Anyone got any moving company experience? I’m not opposed to renting a U-Haul and bribing my friends with beer, but if I could get it done in a few hours it would be worth it to me.

Seems movies…

…is the weekend topic for now. Anyhow, I know I am catching Hero Sunday night. I would like to catch it opening night, but I’ve had scheduling conflicts this weekend that are preventing it. CATCH this movie! I mean Jet Li and Quentin Tarantino. Yes, buried in the credits is the man behind the Kill Bill legacy. He is a Presenter which in movie lingo equates to…and i quote “Some films include a credit “Presented by”, or “presents”, which indicates the person is an executive producer as opposed to someone who appears in the film.”

And yes the previously mentioned Atlanta Underground Film Festival, looks to be a fun time.

Another interesting film I came across today is Pauly Shore is Dead. Now I can’t say that I’ve missed the guy. He was VERY funny, but just a little to hyper. This one looks to be a come back attempt. It is released by Regent Releasing, and is to be in theaters sometime in September. I think I may have to catch this flick if only for the amount of Cameo’s it contains.

Think I may also catch a braves game this weekend since Daniel turned us on to the cheep seats. Not a huge baseball fan, but for the price why not go.

Babysitters….Worth their weight in gold.

Hello one and all! I’m just going to jump in here and speak to one of the dirty truths of parenthood. Babysitters are a dying breed and if you find a good one….pay him/her in stock options if you have to! It seems in Atlanta, and the outlying burbs, that a decent, non goth sitter no longer exists. I recently visited a website devoted entirely to finding that rare breed. I emailed the contact person and said” I just want Mrs. Doubtfire”. My family hasn’t been an option for us in quite a while. It has become a divine mission from God to find that perfect someone. We have to make an appt. about a year in advance to get family babysitting privileges. So as soon as I find a nanny service who offers a nice man in old lady drag….I’ll let ya know!
There are two things of interest going on this weekend. Way up 85 north is a glorious place called Chateau Elan. It is a resort/winery/equestrian park/golf heaven/….did I mention winery? This weekend is their annual wine tasting extravaganza!! I went last year and got shnookered for $25! I love wine….and drinking all I want for $25…well, that just does things to a girl. So go…drink and be merry!
I however, will sadly not be joining you. No, I have wake up at an ungodly hour and drive down to Peachtree City…the complete opposite direction of my Chateau. My dear, sweet husband is running his very first triathlon. He has been training very hard and he is actually very good at it. I just have to overlook the fact that he looks like a sausage casing in that getup he has to wear. Speaking of PTC (peachtree city)…..if you have plans to move there…..bring your patience. Maybe pack an extra bag of it. The traffic can get pretty heavy. And I’m not talking about the cars. Its the GOLF CARTS you have to watch out for! 14 year olds in need of a good spankin’ driving daddy’s golf cart…nuff’ said.
If anyone is looking for a marvelous, heart attack inducing dining experience, please go to Mary Macs in Atlanta. It is just off Piedmont Ave and the food is so magnificent…you don’t even hear your arteries closing up on you. It really is wonderful. As soon as that non-goth babysitter graces our lives, we plan to go back. Nice me and honey night on the town……eating at Mary Macs and checking into The Georgian Terrace Hotel. One of the most beautiful hotels Atlanta has to offer! Until tomorrow…..after the triathlon. (which by the way was the 2nd interesting thing happening:)

Weekend Movie Haps

Following up on Daniel’s post, I’d like to call attention to a few movie events this weekend in Atlanta.

The major film event is the Atlanta Underground Film Festival, which runs from August 25-31. To be honest, I know very little about any of the participating films, but as a fan of experimental film, I’m hoping to attend 1-2 screenings this weekend.

Richard Kelly’s “director’s cut” of Donnie Darko will be playing this week at the Lefont Plaza Theater. I quite liked the original version. The cinematography is very good, and while some aspects of Kelly’s time-travel plot seemed strangely spiritualistic, the film’s images of Reagan-era apocalypse are intriguing and thought-provoking. I’ve heard mixed reviews of the director’s cut, but if you haven’t seen the film on the big screen, that experience alone might be worth it.

Finally, Taxi Driver is playing on a midnight-only screening at the Landmark Midtown 8 theater on Monroe Dr.

The Bill Campbell Is Not a Crook! Pool

I just realized my last entry was about cats. No offense to the cats, since they’re adorable, but this has got to stop.

So, I unilaterally* announce the Atlanta Metblog’s first pool. Post in the comments:

1. The date on which Bill Campbell will be either indicted by a federal grand jury, or the grand jury will be dissolved without charges.
2. The number of lawyers Campbell will have with him when he responds to the grand jury’s actions.
3. The prinicipal target of Campbell’s wrath following the announcement.
4. Special bonus tiebreaker: Write the first line of the first Cynthia Tucker editorial to appear after the announcement.

Winner gets a prize to be determined. Possibly just a warm fuzzy glow.

* = ’cause that’s what conservatives do. only I’m libertarian, most of the time.

Weekend haps

It may be a little early on Friday to be talking about the going-ons of the weekend [Ed. It’s never too early to discuss the weekend] but I’m going to anyway.

Tonight, unlike the last bundle of Friday nights, there is no On the Bricks concert. However, if you are an eligible bachelor, ABC’s The Bachelorette is having it’s casting call party at Compound (a pretty decent club in its own right) from 7-10. Stick around to “hang” at one of Atlanta’s premier night clubs (and one of its more interesting ones). Need another reason to go to Compound – Spiral Entertainment is having its Summerbash there from 8-12. Spiral throws some… well, good parties. For a sort of “bar” experience in Buckhead, let me recommend, as always, Moondogs. And if you hate Compound (why would you?) but still want a party, Tongue and Groove is hosting the Square Hatters Cocktail Party. [Ed. Note – Daniel has not received any payment whatsoever for pushing Compound. But he’s open to receiving bribes for pushing any place.]

Saturday, of course, the Braves are in town (all weekend) playing the Giants. Also, the Falcons are playing a pre-season game against the Bengals. And Joseph is playing at the Fox. I, however, will be at Birthday Bash III wherein four of us who have late August birthdays throw a huge party (150+ people). I’d post the EVite, but, you know…

Sunday, without a doubt, is for Unplugged in the Park. What else would you do Sunday night? You know what has to happen, don’t you? That new station, DaveFM, needs to start hosting a concert series.

Well, the T-Storms are supposed to be only isolated and scattered this weekend, so get out to the park, play outside, etc. Or, for the more movie inclined, Hero opens this weekend. At any rate, as usual there are loads of things to do in Atlanta. Get out. Enjoy it. That’s my advice anyway.

The Miseducation of …

Alrighty then … I’m back in from my 6th graders’s Open House at Shamrock Middle School in Dekalb County.

Now I must tell you, I am an Intown girl … I’ve made incredible concessions (mostly financial) to help ensure my boys a quality education along with a “not necessarily headed to therapy in 10 years” home life. I basked in the glory that was Morningside Elementary for 5 years and now after a bit of soul searching and a realization that I could possibly face a fine for sending my kid to an Atlanta Public School when I actually live in the Dekalb School district … so I decided to go legit and send the kid (with his blessing) to his “home” school… DRATS!

So thanks to the gub’ment (Federal, State, and Local George, Sonny and Vernon) … Shamrock was designated a “No Child Left Behind” school ..which means all the students at the crappy middle schools cross-county .. can elect to be bussed to Shamrock to get a “GOOD” education … Hmmmph …

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