Golf Carts, the new weapons of mass destruction.(And North Georgia too!)

Ok…so the triathlon went swimmingly! The husband finished in 2 hours exactly. Not bad for his very first. However, spending that much time In Peachtree City, only hardened my resolve to move there one day. I mean, who wouldn’t want to wield the power of a golf cart much in the same way one wields the power of a light saber? Some of these people are just nasty! Last time I checked, the pathways that aren’t designated specifically for the carts…..actually allow humans to traverse them! My 5 year old daughter almost lost an arm due to a very patriotic golf cart. Yeah….that’s good times. I really do love PTC. It reminds me of my beloved Hilton Head Island. But there you only have to worry about rogue golf balls…not the carts!
This weekend we are taking the rug rats to north Georgia. For those of you not in the know, all points north in our lovely state have about a bagillion things to offer in the fall. We are headed to Hiawassee. I think this is the order….Jasper, Elijay, East Elijay, Blairville, Blue Ridge, Young Harris, and Hiawassee. Don’t quote me exactly, but I’m pretty sure that is the order of the towns. We always take 75 north to 575 north….YOU NEVER HAVE TO TURN once on 575! Its great, you cannot get lost! There are so many wonderful antique stores….there is an awsome one in Helen..oh yeah, I forgot that one. But everyone knows Helen. Not only is it the most annoying northern town (in my opinion ), but it is also the most frequently visited. But I digress…..Hiawassee is the point of interest today. And why you ask? Because when we have a hankerin’ for authentic Italian food, thats where we head. Actually the resaraunt I am so lovingly speaking of is in Young Harris…but the two towns are only 5 minutes apart. Enricho’s is a marvelous and meticulous example of true Northern Italian cuisine. Though they also prepare all regional specialties. Enricho’s is one of those dining experiences that render you speachless. You could be in the throws of the most intellectually stimulating conversations of your life, but the second you put that heavenly bite in your mouth…..words simply fail you. There is only one slight pitfall. Young Harris is a dry city. But they allow you to bring your own libations… do. You just can’t properly enjoy chicken marsala or veal parmasan without a good red wine. And for breakfast you ask?……go to the Country Kitchen. Its actually in North carolina, but just barely. I forget what road it is on. You take a left off 515(which is what 575 becomes) somewhere in Hiawassee. Tell you what….give me a call if you want to go. I’ll just let you follow me!
For those who don’t wish to trek all the way up to north georgia….Paces Academy will be having their Fall Festival very soon. Paces is a wonderful private school on Paces Ferry Rd. Just down the road from The Guvna! They always have great activities for the kiddies! Hands down, the best private school your money can buy….but we are still on the wait list….perhaps my shameless plug will move us up the list a touch? Probably not.

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