The Miseducation of …

Alrighty then … I’m back in from my 6th graders’s Open House at Shamrock Middle School in Dekalb County.

Now I must tell you, I am an Intown girl … I’ve made incredible concessions (mostly financial) to help ensure my boys a quality education along with a “not necessarily headed to therapy in 10 years” home life. I basked in the glory that was Morningside Elementary for 5 years and now after a bit of soul searching and a realization that I could possibly face a fine for sending my kid to an Atlanta Public School when I actually live in the Dekalb School district … so I decided to go legit and send the kid (with his blessing) to his “home” school… DRATS!

So thanks to the gub’ment (Federal, State, and Local George, Sonny and Vernon) … Shamrock was designated a “No Child Left Behind” school ..which means all the students at the crappy middle schools cross-county .. can elect to be bussed to Shamrock to get a “GOOD” education … Hmmmph …

I’m a little bitter …a little angry about the influx of these students …. I believe every child is entitled to a “GOOD” education – I just question the logic behind spreading the problem versus attacking it at its’ root…. But I digress…

We are walking up the steps to the school and the Furious Five are chilling on the walkway up towards the gym … Girls acting “Grown” … Boys chasing the skirts trying to pinch “booties” … This one girl in a shirt two sizes too small and a skirt that … well… she was telling another girl …”My mama need to hurry the hell on up …I’ve got thangs to do …sh*t!”

All of this child left behind crap has added an element to my child’s life that I was NOT ready to introduce. He is at such a pivotal point in his educational career – this is the time when he is so easily influenced by his peer group. It was this fact that I was so excited about upon researching Shamrock. On paper, the school is above average when it comes to academic achievement and test scores. But the reality of the school is less than I desired.

On a good note – I met his teachers (GREAT) , and some of the other parents (less than 20% showed up tonight – guess MARTA runs a reduced schedule after 6?).

However, the teachers were never my concern – I’m confident in their abilities to educate! It is the children of the other 80% that troubles me the most …

I’m uneasy about their ability to MISeducate…

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  1. Dana (unregistered) on August 27th, 2004 @ 9:25 pm

    Hi, Kendall. I’m Steve Huff’s wife. I used to teach middle school in Gwinnett County, and I definitely recognized the situation you described. There are some really huge problems with No Child Left Behind — nobly intended, but clearly not thought through. I’m not surprised at the small numbers of parents at the Open House. Middle school is definitely when they start “acting grown.” It’s disturbing at their age. Sad thing to say, but I couldn’t be happier I’m no longer teaching that age group in public school. I’m glad you’re supportive of the teachers. It’s utterly amazing how many parents are not.

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