The Braves and Turner Field

I went to the Braves game yesterday by myself to sit and enjoy being at the ballpark (okay, I brought some reading for a class along for between inning usefulness as well). They won, naturally, in quite an exciting fashion; they scored four runs in the sixth after being down 5-1. The thing is, and this is probably tied to how much I love the Braves (which is an unbelievable amount), but I really enjoy being at Turner Field.

I love how the crowd gets really pumped up about the Tool Race and the Hat shuffle between the innings. I love the concessions (especially the amazing kosher hot dogs they have there and there’s a Gyro place now… crazy). I love that I can go to a day at the park that costs me only $6 (5 for parking and 1 for the Clark Howard Seats). I love that there are no bad seats in the stadium. I love how there is a good balance between the history of the Braves and the present. I love the Chop House. I even love the place there where you can play XBox before the game (and during, I suppose, but I wouldn’t know about that).

I love how the crowd really really hopes that the Braves don’t increase their lead to more than 3 during the eigth inning. Because if it is 3 or less it means we get to see Smoltz come out from the bullpen. I love how they play the emporer’s march from Star Wars when he does come out. I love how the crowd can’t seem to sit down when the Braves are in a rally.

(Okay, one thing I hate – they use the chop way too much. It should be reserved only for late inning rallies. Not when we get a walk with two outs in the bottom of the first)

This year the team has such a young attitude and is playing with a level of emotion that I haven’t seen in years – it makes it so much fun to watch.

This was my tenth game of the year and I’ll probably go to a couple more before the season is over (and hopefully a playoff game). They have $1 seats and $5 seats, so it’s hard to say that you can’t afford to go to the park. And this year they come back from anything. Even a 5-1 deficit.

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  1. Renouard A. Sanders, Sr. (unregistered) on August 24th, 2005 @ 9:26 pm

    My wife and I attended the Braves vs. Dodgers game on 8/18/05, and this was the second time we’ve gone to see the Braves. They last time was 1982. We were just amazed at how courteous everybody working in and around Turner Field treated us. They all were very, very helpful and made us feel so very welcome. At the end of the game as we were departing employees were bidding farewells to the fans saying goodnite and come again. This behavior was extremely impressive and we will certainly return for future games without a doubt. Thanks.

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