Saturday – day 7

Well, today, I did not have to deal with traffic. It was wonderful weather! I was actually cold driving back from Alpharetta tonight, so I had to put the cover on the wagon and put blankets on the horses.

My audition the other day sucked! Just so you know. But, no one cares, no body loves me anymore but, that’s fine…. because I am a PRODUCER now!


I went to a wine tasting party tonight, which is actually part of one of the new television shows I’m producing.


Going to a wine tasting party can make you, well, it can make you…….



It was a blind taste test. I have never, ever been to a wine tasting party. Normally, here in Hotlanta, I go to beer tasting parties. Oh, there’s a wide selection of beer at the parties. Bud, Bud Lite… uh, did I mention Bud yet? Oh yeah, I did.. well, at least there are many different people who taste the beer… how ’bout that?


I actually matched all six wines to the plain paper wrapped bottles correctly! Talk about beginner’s luck.

In order of which ones I liked:

Chablis – Burgundy #1 FABULOUS!
Viognier – Georgia #2
Gewurztraminer – Alsace #3
Chenin Blanc – Australia #4
Chardonnay – California #5
Sauvignon Blanc – New Zealand #6

Of course, my taste was 180 degrees from the rest. They all liked the Sauvignon Blanc the best.

There was no beer to be found.

The whole thing reminded me of the excellent episode of Absolutely Fabulous, where Patsy and Adena are in the Chateau tasting the wine. Remember that one? I think at the end of the night, I was Patsy and Adena rolled into one character. Don’t get me drinking wine. I start to get silly and start spilling out top secret launch codes to missiles.

What a great day.

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