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This just in…

Seems former Georgia State Senator Ralph David “take two and pass it” Abernathy III ( Or Trey as his old cellmates called him) son of Civil Rights Activist Ralph David Abernathy Jr. is back in the news again. No, it’s not for passing bad checks or forgery or dui or marijuana possession as it was in the past. This time, Ralph “That’s not weed in my crotch” The Third is in the news for trying to cause a ruckus at the SCLC conference.

Our good ‘ole boy was trying to become president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. (Can anyone tell me what the SCLC does, other than in-fight?) After forcing Judge “please Miss, put down the weave” Mathis out of the running for the position, he and his supporters tried to force their way into the voting arena. When his peoples shouted “Let us Vote” the police tried to arrest them. I can only assume the police, mistook “Let us vote” for “Let us Toke”.

And Speaking of Mary Jane….

Happy Independence Day Jamaica.

And in other news…

Overheard in my office: “Well the KKK is different than when my dad was a member. Now they just hate Gays and some immigrants….”

Welcome to Atlanta…. A-Town down, as Usher would say.

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