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There’s an early breath of Autumn in the air today. I know much is made of the exquisite New England fall, and I’ve experienced the beautiful and brisk midwestern autumn season, replete with pumpkins, riotous leaves and early frosts, but there’s a flavor to a Georgia fall season that can’t be found anywhere else. For one thing, the heat tends to linger, even after the leaves turn. At a UGA homecoming you are just as likely one year to have to bundle up as the next year wear shorts and a tee-shirt. But I’ve lived few other places where the sky can acquire the blue it has today, having been scrubbed clean by yesterday’s storms.

I know it’s the intractable dreamer in me, and of little consequence to others. And it’s not like I’m trying to shill for others to move here; I’m a transplant, and I’m sure the natives get tired of us, fellow southerners or no.

Maybe I just really like the fall, and the first taste of it in the air, the first hint in a morning breeze gets me inspired.

Speaking of inspiration, I gotta say I’m happy that it appears there’s another performer in the house. Atlanta has the arts community you’d expect from a city of 4 million plus, but there are times it seems we’re a strangely quiet bunch, truth be told. The Creative Loafing (linked under blogrolling to the right of this page,) is very generous with reviews and articles about various performances and gallery showings, etc, but still, it’s nice to realize that there’s a couple of bloggers-maybe more who just haven’t openly mentioned it yet-on Atlanta’s metroblog who are also performers.

That said, I guess I’m going to be indulging in self-promotion any time I highlight something the Atlanta Opera or Capitol City Opera does in one of my entries, so I’ll try to mention their productions when I’m not in them as well.

In the interest of not seeming so self-interested, I also link you now to The Atlanta Lyric Theatre. Run by former singer (a fellow tenor, I hasten to add,) J. Lynn Thompson, The Lyric has been the place to go for musical theater and operetta in Atlanta for quite a while. I link the lyric just because you should become acquainted with them-I have no idea if I’ll be performing with them or not in the next year or so-we’ll see after September. My friend Greg Jordan did the Pirates of Penzance with them last year, or maybe it was two years ago, as Frederic, and it was a sparkling, funny production.

Hey, if you get nothing else from this entry you should get that the most beautiful spring or autumn days I’ve yet to see have come since I’ve lived in Georgia. They almost make up for the heat, ‘skeeters and kudzu.

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  1. Jessica (unregistered) on August 6th, 2004 @ 10:34 am

    Hey Steve H — check out (it’s also in our blogroll). Robert’s a performer with Laughing Matters. I tried to recruit him to come blog with us but he and Joe were already doing their own thing.

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