First post! First post!

Man, that kind of stuff only works on Fark, doesn’t it? Sigh. Reporting from the far edge of Dorkitude in western Ineptistan . . .

Anyway. I’m Jessica. Grew up in Dunwoody and keep coming back to Atlanta despite two years of high school in Connecticut, college in Pennsylvania, and a job in New York City. Or as I put it to a friend a little while back: my father is a UGA alum, my brother graduated from Emory in May, my next-to-most-recent ex is still enrolled at Georgia State, and my boyfriend drinks his whisky clear.

So Atlanta’s my hometown and I love it. I went through a long period of disliking it intensely: the traffic, the heat, the aridness that can strike downtown, the cookie-cutter subdivisions . . . the traffic. Now I feel like there are still thousands of things I haven’t discovered yet. As metropolitan areas go, this one’s confused, decentralized, disorganized, and squabbly, and while that hurts it in some ways (see: MARTA) it also means there’s a lot to explore.

So hi to the fellow bloggers — we haven’t all met up yet; maybe that will happen soon — and welcome to all of y’all who know Atlanta only as Site of the Most Widely Derided Summer Olympics Ever. (From what I’ve heard about Athens infrastructure, they may snatch that title from us — although I most sincerely hope we get to keep Most Bombed Summer Olympics Ever.)

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  1. chuck (unregistered) on August 4th, 2004 @ 12:57 pm

    Seven minutes too late! I’m glad I didn’t write a “first post” post. By the way, I teach in the English department at Georgia Tech.

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